Callous Airbnb Host From Hell Spies on Us


Our experience at this Airbnb was horrible. The check-in code wouldn’t work to open the door and we later found out our hosts were spying on us with a video camera. The host later contacted us to ask us to get the flies out of the porch area as the door was slightly ajar. We then realized the listing states there was a security camera and the hosts were actively watching us.

Lastly there were no board games as stated in the listing. While in good faith we disregarded these instances, we received a final payment invoice charging us $180 for an “extra person.” I contacted the host who did nothing, which was followed by the real icing on the cake. I left an honest and decent four-star review suggesting to future renters they should be aware of the issues above. The host then sent me a private, callous and slanderous message blaming me for the stay:

“The issues you have indicated were all oversights on your part… you should understand how to read listings and receipts.”

I warn other renters from staying at this Airbnb from hell. You would do well to take your business elsewhere.


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  1. Host was rude, ignorant, insulting and crass. Enough said. Don’t waste your time with this belligerent witch.

  2. Stayed here a while back. Rude host, charged for an “extra person” when we were 2. Did nothing to make amends and blamed us for staying. Used the camera to spy on us. A useless host, human being and liar. 0 out out of 5 stars for this stay. DON’t waste your time here. Turtle Time Hell.

  3. There was NO extra guest fee under the allowed # of guests but they were charged regardless. YOU should know better as a host yourself. Shame on you. Spying on someone would have ruined their vacation indeed!

  4. You SHOULD learn to read the listing! She’d pre-disclosed there were cameras and there’s obviously an extra guest fee. I’m a host. I also have outside cameras. It’s the host’s responsibility to disclose and it’s the guests responsibility to read . She did what she was supposed to do, but you obviously did not.

    • Elayne,
      Where’s your listing? I bet you’re also on Airbnbhell. Just like this host deserves to be. Such an ignorant response. YOU didn’t check the listing. There’s nothing about an extra person charge. You also spy on your guests for your own sick, twisted satisfaction. You and this host should be banned from hosting. Period.

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