Stranded in LA after Airbnb Nightmare

When I arrived at my Airbnb I would have had to walk over a group of homeless people living inside of the building just to get into the apartment. The host refused to give me a refund and refused to help me.

I called customer support and they told me they would help me find a new reservation and call me back. They never did. I called back and waited for hours for any call back or help. I was stranded in LA alone, hungry and beyond nervous in the dark for hours without a place to go.

After countless phone calls to get a refund I still haven’t heard back. The people in customer service are not helpful or professional.

On top of all this the reason the host wouldn’t cancel was because he knows he will still get the money; even if I complain, he doesn’t have to give the money back. He gets to keep the money, he told me a lot of people complain about his rental but if he doesn’t agree to give a refund, he keeps the money. I can’t leave a negative review and I can’t do anything about it.

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  1. Airbandb charges a high service fee, yet does absolutely nothing to protect guest from horrible situations.
    There is no protection for guests from sexual predators who have listings.
    There is no protection for guests from hosts who have hidden cameras in their listings.
    There is no protection for guests in cases of emergency.
    The customer services is outsourced to India and Jamaica and the replies are a copy pasted model of “sorry to hear that’ “we will look into it”. But nothing happens.
    Airbandb’s policy does not protect guests either: a host can at any time decide not to want to host anymore and evict a guest on a whim.
    Airbandb then simply replies saying they are merely a platform..a middle man.

    Airbandb will get what’s coming to them!

  2. AIRBNB customer service is a joke.
    They talk like they are concerned but stop trying to help u in a short time. Negative reviews magically dissapear

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