Sorry, we have no rooms available but we’ll take your money anyway

I tried to make a reservation on Airbnb and the host’s reply was “sorry, not available those dates”. But when I look at my bank account I see an “authorisation” for the amount of the reservation, which was 140€ as the reservation was for 7 days. Supposedly I will eventually get the money back but right now my available bank balance is down 140€ for the reply “sorry, not available”. What happens if I don’t have more money in my account to pay another place to stay? What if that was all the money I had to pay for my stay? Why are they doing taking my money if the reply is no? This really pisses me off and it will make me avoid airbnb in the future because, although I think the hosts are good people, the company is obviously run by greedy, unscrupulous crooks. What hotel charges your card if they have no rooms available, leaving you without enough to go to find another place and then tells you “don’t worry, you’ll get it back within 7-31 days depending on your bank etc etc”.

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  1. I’ve got the same problem but I made the mistake of thinking “make inquiry” just meant… well just an inquiry. Of the three I contacted all said no. But still, my credit account was charged with 8 000 euro. Now, that’s a lot of money I wish wasn’t suddenly gone. Now I just pray to god that they will refund. Otherwise I’m screwed.

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