Airbnb failed to pay over $4000 in cleaning fees

Hi, I have been a host since the first year of airbnb. It has been a positive experience.. until this discovery.The original info sheet from airbnb is not translatable(,so I suspect many have not discovered this.) My friend, a fellow host created a spread sheet for me on last years payouts. Both my friend and I discovered numerous bookings where airbnb failed to collect cleaning fee.. for me a total of $4000. My friend had only a fee, much rarer hosting, and she settled w/ airbnb for half of them as airbnb was so difficult to deal with. I am not willing to do that. I have been trying to find someone at airbnb who is in charge of payouts. I want someone higher up. does anyone know who that would be? Thanks, Joyce Garrity host of the orange house, the down home, urban cottage, seattle

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  1. Now, you are making me think I need to check and see if all my bank deposits from them line up with the thing you get when someone books. I would hate to have to take them to court because ABB is not legal where I live. I suppose they could take advantage of that even though they have a bogus no extortion policy.

  2. Being nice with them won’t help. You need to take them to court and sue them. That WILL get their attention. You’ll get your money back asap.

  3. Hey! Check on google to contact the higher ups and their linkdin profile for names. Also, twit them. I know chip cooley has a website.

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