Security breach

Warning to AirBnb users: Read my story! A few weeks ago I received an email that my AirBnB account has changed. The hackers changed the email address (i.e. userid) so I could not login. I had my credit card and drivers license and address and phone numbers, so they could adopt a kid using my identity. There was no way to contact AirBnB. No phone numbers, no email. After trying different ways, I signed up with a new email address and explained the situation. First, I received an automated email which did not help at all. After reiterating the story, they corrected the situation, set my correct email address and gave me a temporary password. I logged in to my account and to my horror I realized the hackers posted many phoney listings for rent and discussed the prices etc with unsuspecting poor travellers. As an Airbnb user, I know that (most) property owners like to offer a direct deal to customers to avoid AirBnB charges. That means these guys probably got scammed with no traces on Air

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