Ruining NYC: Airbnb Neighbor Nightmare

I would suggest a new category of victim for this website: Airbnb neighbor. My home and four other apartments in a small 6-unit building were all unwilling dragged into the pitfalls of the sharing economy. We had involuntary, front-row seats to the joy of when one individual volunteers access to your doorstep to the world without your consent and lies to everyone involved for her personal financial gain. Stephanie Browne is a serial Airbnb “host” who at one point listed up to three separate full apartment rentals in Bushwick, Brooklyn; this is illegal to do in NY for less than 30 days.  Having reaped much financial gain as a full-blown gentrifier with two separate rental apartments in one building, she proceeded to expand her hotel room business by signing a lease in another small 6-unit apartment building. Our new “neighbor” proceeded to rent the apartment out as early as two weeks from when she moved in to the unit.

Why, we wondered, are families of five who obviously don’t know anything about the neighborhood carrying bottled water and coolers into a one bedroom apartment when our “neighbor” was nowhere to be seen? Sure enough, the apartment was listed on Airbnb for rent, with Stephanie Browne claiming to be the owner. This started a full year of random vacationing strangers parading through the building at all hours, with one guest at one point threatening the host by calling the police when she was locked out, and causing the entire building’s locks to be changed. She gave out building keys like party favors to the whole world. Meanwhile, she was not even residing in the country and had moved full-time to Europe.

Stephanie Browne is the diametric opposite of the “good actor” Airbnb claims makes up their hosts who only need to rent periodically to afford their rent. Browne, by holding three leases for apartments she neither owned or resided in purely for the use of temporary guests, is the exact cause of why everyone’s rent in NYC is going up. After much complaining and lackluster enforcement of the law by NYC Department of Buildings, she gave up the rental unit one year early. As a parting shot, she tried selling the books and furniture from her hotel room to her “neighbors” in the building and wrote this pitiful, inaccurate justification of her noxious lifestyle.

Meanwhile, she still continues to list two illegal rentals while living in Europe. Airbnb’s community complaint line is joke: they enabled her lies to the guests, the building owner, and the occupants of the building she put at constant inconvenience and risk. The moral of the story for other afflicted neighbors who become unwilling concierges to hotel rooms in their own building: know your rights, contact your management company, elected officials, local enforcement agencies, and get these hosts that are your neighbors where it hurts, their wallets.

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  1. I’m confused. This is completely illegal in NY, so how is she getting away with it? As of today (September 2016) she has a total of 3 listings up. Has anyone actually reported her to the housing board or something?

    • You cannot simply report individuals, but you can report violations in specific residences. In this case there is a loophole because she is not the owner of the building, but a renter pretending to be an owner. Fines levied by NYC Dept. of Buildings would be the responsibility of the building owner. Sadly, this does not do enough to deter people like her.

      NYS Assembly has approved a law that would specifically fine the posters of illegal short term rentals, such as this person, in addition to the building owners. However, Governor Cuomo has not yet signed it into law and has not indicated whether he intends to do so.

  2. Stephanie Browne (that’s her complete name): what a greedy, stupid woman she is. It’s because of dishonest, money-hungry hosts like Stephanie Browne that rentals in NYC have sky-rocketed and turned entire neighbourhoods into cheap hostels.
    Shame on AIRBNB that condones hosts like Stepahnie Browne. AIRBNB does zero vetting and doesn’t even check addresses. AIRBNB is nothing but an utterly selfish, fast money-making business. Sod off with the AIRBNB community spirit.

  3. I just left a piece of my mind in her comments section and I recommend any of you landing here suffering from an AirBnB “neighbor” do the same.

  4. Wow, I read her crazy blog post, which essentially boils down to: I’m going to just go right on ahead and break the freaking law so I can live my over-entitled horifically whiny ass overseas. And this regardless of how it effects the people who actually live in the apartment building where my unit is located. And moreover, I will expect my unsuspecting guests to IGNORE the POLICE and REGULATORS in order to help me do just that!

    Is she really telling these guests (some of whom may hail from countries where the police are really dangerous!)to ignore and/or push back against the NYC regulators and police force?! Holy crap!

    I wish all of the folks who are trying to get a whole place short term in NYC would wake up! It is against the damn law!

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