Rittenhouse Square Filthy Philadelphia Airbnb


I recently stayed at an Airbnb in Philadelphia. It was so disgusting: black mold in the shower and urine stains on the sofa. The window to the fire escape did not lock. I had my family with me. It was New Year’s Eve weekend. We bravely stayed for one evening. I thought I would wake up with bed bugs. I contacted the host the day we arrived multiple times. He was very responsive. I contacted him again in the morning asking for a refund because his place was just so filthy and unsafe. He said he’d refund me. He’s not so responsive anymore. Two weeks later, and I’m still waiting. Airbnb customer service said to read over the cancellation policy. I guess they don’t care what type of accommodations their hosts offer. I will never, ever, use Airbnb again. Unbelievable.

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  1. AirBnb is fine but not all hosts offer satisfactory accommodation. If you were familiar with how AirBnb works you should have notified them the moment you stepped into the apartment and got re homed.

  2. It depends what you paid for it I think. If the bathroom are the only photo’s you have of a ‘filthy and unsafe’ place then it can’t have been that bad.

    The bathroom doesn’t look nice, but it looks like someone cleaned it. I have that black mould on my bathroom grout, and it does not come off once it has stained. It is unsightly, but not dangerous.

    Unless you gave them a good sniff I don’t know how you can tell the stains on the sofa are urine!

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