Problems with Airbnb Platform, then Customer Service

I had an issue with the Airbnb app so this is a horror story about that. I was trying to book one night somewhere I was passing though and wanted to check out the outdoor scenery for a day. The app kept saying error every time I’d click to the end to book. I found out apparently two of the places were booked, but I wasn’t made aware they had even been booked.

I didn’t stay at either of them; I ended up at a hotel instead. Now I am being charged for two places on the same night, neither of which I ever visited. Airbnb is being monumentally unhelpful. The first time I called, the “customer service” lady hung up on me while I was talking. Then I talked to some guy that supposedly opened a case and I could message him on the site. I messaged and got no response in over twelve hours.

I just called again a few minutes ago and got a dial tone then an auto hang up. I really feel like this is a legitimate scam and not just a tech problem. If this isn’t a scam like I suspect I hope their whole customer service department gets fired and replaced.

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  1. They charged me for the cost of the reservation twice. I was charged before the reservation and after. They said the first charge didn’t go through… I showed my credit card statement and they still deny it. Thankfully my credit card company disputed the charge!!! Appalling that they are not tracking payments.

  2. You’re right – it is truly a scam. They did the same thing to us, and they won’t fix it. We got screwed out of $1,771.

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