We’re Heading to Where Airbnb Offers Nothing

My relationship with Airbnb has become more and more rocky as I have observed their tactics. I have watched them drop off lower price units that bolstered supply (and thus brought average costs down) trying to justify the move on the basis of quality control. More recently I have seen them shut complaint cases after providing a poor response – with no opportunity to see if the complaint response is useful – and more recently still shut cases without even responding. Either through negligence or design, I am currently ring-fenced.
The attached is a very recent complaint that has been closed with no solution provided.  I have lost the last three property opportunities due to this.  As an account holder where ‘legal consideration’ has passed, Airbnb is contractually obliged to afford a duty of care.  So many fundamental things are failing such as automatic acceptance of bank statement uploads and the promise of a couple of transactions to hit said bank account to be subsequently identified to finalize verification. This would suggest really bad glitches in areas such as banking and security or purposeful black balling techniques.
Either way, they selected the wrong customer for such fun and games because I have OCD when it comes to seeking remedies.  I am a god with a bone when it comes to man’s search for truth and justice. The good news is that my organization has a competing app on the horizon and if my situation is not unique there is a ready made queue emerging for the new services.  Thank goodness for Airbnb Hell as a platform.  I hope this gets resolved before the “open letter to CEO” phase.
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  1. I chose to rent rooms each with a bathroom to long term guests 1-3 months. ( travel nurses, professionals on short assignments,etc). I had very good luck until I received a call asking if I could accommodate about 20 boxes, as well. No extra fee offered. I said yes – the room had a walk-in closet and I had another open room on the floor and my barn.He came a day early ND HAD A u-Haul with a full size pin ball machine, huge plastic crates, Large TV tools, etc etc This guy spent the next 2 weekend days eating and drinking from 10AM until evening mostly with the other tenant. I worried as he was suppose to be getting an apartment and starting a new job on monday. He did not look at all for an apartment and went on line daily for hours at my kitchen table. This went on for several days and i purchased a desk, swivel chair and placed them in the empty room amd moved his computer off my table. Guest given a cabinet and a small fridge and he did not use the cabinet. He placed all his bags on my kitchen floor along with a backpack, dirty socks, etc. So he decided to knit a scarf and sat at my kitchen table for 4 days every minute that he was there. On saturday it was from 8AM until 8:20 PM. Clearly to harrass me for moving his belongings upstairs. This guy ate ramen noodles and mac and cheese. He went out to eat after picking up a girl on-line. He came 3000 miles for a married woman who would not allow him to see her, about 2.5 hours away. He went out and purchased supplied to change the oil in his car on my front lawn. (I initially said no- but was going to make room in the back yard). He kept his Bee Bee gun at the door and went outside daily and shot squirrels and wild rabbits. (I live in a residental neighborhood!) Despite my telling him not to. He was so disrespectful, I felt endangered in my own house. ( He had several guns locked up, as well, and his loose cannon behavior was frightening. I notified Air B n B on at least 8 occasions and went to the police 3 times. He refused to leave – stating he paid his money and he was staying. I felt totally on my own and unprotected. The police could not get confirmation as to whether this was a hotel or residence! This guy helped himself to eggs and other foods of mine. Despite the fact that I offered coffee, tea and gave him 3 meals of steak and sirloin when he arrived. He stole a hummel and stated he did not take it. He broke a very expensive figurine on my bookshelf in the hall and stole a book that I know of. And he had a fake name. So this guy was a professional scam artist and Air B n B not only did not vet him, they took No responsibility for not checking him out. This is about the worst Mellenial I have ever come across. He needs to go back to Washington State where he can have those behaviors and they are accepted.

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