Outright Theft by Airbnb Discovered in Chile

So, my story begins when I showed up to the door of what was supposed to be my Airbnb in Santiago, Chile. I called and emailed my host several times until I finally got a response. Her response was shocking to say the least. She told me she never accepted the booking and, in fact, she wasn’t even based in Santiago. Well, needless to say, I was pissed and panicked. I called Airbnb only to be put on hold for an inordinate amount of time. I was told that this was classified as an emergency and I would be contacted very shortly. Three weeks later… I still haven’t heard from them and I’m still being charged for the stay. That incident made me decide me to research my account. I saw a charge from Airbnb for $454. I never stayed  anywhere that they would need to charge me for that amount. I called and told them so and, again, was told this would be an emergency response. That made me concerned, so I started digging through my bank statements to find that Airbnb has stolen $5500 out of my account over the past year. Now I can’t get anybody on the phone to talk to me about it. But, it’s good to know that it is a priority for them to get this resolved.

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  1. Someone posted a similar story to yours. Look it up and see if you can join forces – and contact the media!

    AirBnB nearly left me homeless in Paris. They told me the exact same thing: it’s an emergency, we’ll call you right back. They never called back.

  2. I hope you reported this to the police, and by this, I mean the incident AND Airbnb. And to the District Attorney’s office, if you’re in America. They really are the worst thieves.

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