Not Able to Find Airbnb Host, Cancelled Stay in Dublin

I booked an Airbnb in Dublin, outside the city center I believe. I drove because I thought I could stop somewhere and ask for directions. I had Googled the trip directions and followed them. About 7 km from the destination things went wrong. At a cafe I rang the host for assistance. She basically left me there to fend for myself. I clearly said where I was. According to her, none of her guests had had this problem, so why couldn’t I put an address in Google? What about herself? After asking the girl in the cafe for directions, also assisted by a customer, I got new directions. I was going the right way. But with all the traffic and side roads, road works, etc, I got totally lost and ended up in the city center. The end of the story is that I never reached the place and got so stressed I decided to return home. There was no respect or any kind of understanding from the host. Apparently people are all the same and can handle everything.

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  1. To David Aaron: a nasty human being laughs and scoffs at someone who can’t do what he (apparently) would find effortless.
    To the original poster: I wish I could link this comment to the other one I just posted, because your story backs up what I said there (as does ‘David’s comment). The uk is full of nasty people and nasty places. Avoid it at any cost if you can. I wish I could. Of course the host might have been in no position to help, perhaps they were without transport for example, but the response the poster was given was normal for the uk. “I don’t care, and here’s a bit of mockery to help you along.” A decent person in a decent country would have said something like “do you have a device to enter my address in to get directions? if so, go to…” and so on. Even if the person were not a ‘guest’ I would have helped them in that way (or any other way that I could). People in the uk are nasty by default. Stay away if you possibly can.

  2. A geographically embarrassed guest who can’t read a map blames Airbnb and the host. And now in other news….

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