Tenant Hijacks Property, Airbnb Refuses to Help

I’m not really a guest. I am an owner whose tenant decided to operate an Airbnb even though it violated his lease and is a breach of our agreement. When we asked Airbnb to take the property down from their site they refused, indicating their arrangement with our tenant and stating only the tenant can take it down. The tenant has refused to do so, so we served him with a Notice to Quit, the first step to eviction. The process could take four to six weeks if we are lucky. Until he is out, we can do nothing about him continuing to be on Airbnb. Last weekend he rented out to a party of about 200 people. We are in California, where tenants have more rights than owners and when the state needs money they turn to the owners to provide it. We need better laws to defend honest citizens from the leaches that some Airbnb hosts are.

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  1. What city are you in? If short-term/Airbnb rentals are illegal there, the local government might bring an enforcement action against your tenant.

  2. Try again with Airbnb and send them the lease and relevant documents (use Twitter) I have read many similar situations resolved by Airbnb. Good luck.

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