Moving to France, Booking on Airbnb, Facing this Situation

Let me start by saying that I am a frequent Airbnb user. Until this happened. I moved to France (Rennes to be more specific) 11 days ago and I booked two nights in a private room in order to rest and start looking for an apartment full time (moving to a foreign country, carrying a lot of luggage, and finding a proper place to stay even for a couple of days is necessary). The host answered my messages before arrival, but when I checked in, I encountered a problem which made me feel suspicious of the surroundings.

As a foreign young girl who had to stay for two nights in an apartment with two other men, whom I had not been informed about beforehand, and was preparing to consume alcohol that night, I had to think twice about spending the night. I would like to add that even if it was a private room, I didn’t have the key to it. I was accompanied by a friend of mine who shared the same feeling about the situation, saying that he wouldn’t let me stay in there.

The host told me I should cancel the booking and he would give me my money back. In other words, no fees would be charged for my cancellation, with the exception of the website tax. When people make you feel threatened or unsure of your safety, taking pictures is not highly recommended, which is why I do not have pictures of the place/situation. I have noticed that the money was taken from my account; I had reminded him about the money and our understanding and requested a refund once more. I have contacted him four times so far with no hope for a resolution.

I was forced under these circumstances to pay for a service that was not delivered. I would like to include the link of my meant-to-be-safe host’s profile. I know that it might be in vain, but I tried my luck in sending Airbnb an email concerning my issue. I would like for others to be aware of some people and to pay attention to what they are “buying”. Thanks.

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  1. So you booked a room in a shared house without asking relevant questions from your host? And then you expect a free ride? Surely if your not confident in you safety you would book appropriate accommodation?

    • LMAO you, ronald king, and suzanne are on every post calling the OP stupid and entitled. All 3 are probably owned by the same person, a sad troll who needs validation by insulting masses of people. That or you work for airbnb. Get a life.

  2. Well, you booked a room and NOT an entire apartment. In other words: book a cheap room and -fingers crossed- you’ll have the entire apartment to yourself? Haha, welcome to the real world. I feel sorry for France that it has to put up with another US muppet.

  3. I’m not sure what your issue is here. You booked a private room. You are entitled to that room and a bathroom as it says on the website. Because there were other guests there you think you’re entitled to a full refund for no reason? Uh, no. I hate it when people try to use their gender to get special privileges. It sounds as if the host did nothing wrong and made available exactly what you booked. How is this the host’s fault? I wouldn’t have refunded you anything and I hope Airbnb doesn’t either.

    I would suggest stopping the entitlement and booking a full house/apartment if other people give you the creeps so much.

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