Major Airbnb SCAM

Dear Airbnb hell friends,

This happened to us last week:


We were scammed in the most sophisticated way through identity theft and a hacked account of a host on The communications with the scammer cannot be distinguished from official Airbnb communications. So, instead of arriving in our booked studio in Geneva, we found out the money for 2.5 months of rent was gone (almost 5000 Euro) to a Polish account and we had no place to stay.

Airbnb has been EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL and almost impossible to reach, trying to avoid all liability. AIRBNB WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU ARE IN TROUBLE, even if you are scammed through their very own website. DO NOT EVER BOOK WITH AIR BNB. The scam listing remained on their website until we urged them to take it down.

We found out that there are many more scam/hacked listings, like these , and Airbnb has not taken these down even after notifying them.

IF THINGS DO GO WRONG WITH AIRBNB, YOU WILL REGRET IT VERY MUCH after you find our how UNHELPFUL and UNCOOPERATIVE AIRBNB is. Their standard reply was: “Yes, there are indeed some safety issues with this account. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” And that’s that.

How long are able to keep their head in the sand? It’s a major and known problem, see for instance…/Airbnb-scammers-1-000s-briti…. We found it out the hard way. Airbnb are not doing enough to protect their customers. This has to change! The number of sophisticated scam listings on their website is countless and they are not doing enough to tackle it. They are putting their customers at great risk and you are not doing anything about it!!

I wish people who went through the same as we did could unite so we could start a class action against Airbnb. Please share.

All the best,


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  1. Please make two Airbnb connection sites. ONE for HOSTS.
    ONE for GUESTS. Having it together is confusing.

    I am a new host. Hotmail was not accepted now appears to have been. Confusing.

    • No, the scammers set up email accounts that look like they’re from Airbnb and they use all the same font, colors, etc. Then they redirect people to their site. It’s a fairly common occurrence unfortunately for everyone involved. Including Airbnb.

  2. Hi Anna, I’ve just been scammed through Airbnb too and they don’t seem to be concerned about the situation at all and by what I’ve been reading it doesn’t look like they’re going to take any responsibility either, did you ever hear any more about the situation?

    Many thanks

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