AIRBNB Loophole

I have made three reservations on non consecutive dates on Airbnb… the credit card was pre-approved and the reservation completed… or was it? Apparently one of the reservations did not go through, as my creditcard had gone over the limit because of the two previous transactions. However, because of the pre approval, I was now liable to pay for this one reservation that wasn’t completed. The problem was that, because my card was already above the limits, I did not have how to pay. So, the policy of the website is to keep trying the payment until it works, regardless of how many times it would take. I was stuck with a payment to make and no certainty about the reservation outcomes (BUT OF COURSE HELLBNB will keep the fees if I get refund)… If that was not enough, a representative kept on stalking me with inumerous emails demanding me to pick up my phone because he wanted to call me… I called the 1.888 and of course the attendants were as useless as their company. NEVER AGAIN

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  1. Emily, I see that Airbnb has sent you to troll this website, insulting anyone that complains publicly about their dishonest practices. Rather than offer to try to help this person your company has totally screwed over by messing up his credit card account, you insult him. Who would expect a company to charge them if a reservation is not accepted? It is not reasonable, it shouldn’t be done and nobody would expect that. Airbnb should stop doing it, and if it doesn´t stop then people should stop using airbnb because this practice is abusive and dishonest.

  2. Actually, it does qualify because it is airbnb’s fault that they have a stupid and ridiculous system that charges people for reservations that have not been accepted. What hotel or other service in general would say “sorry, we don’t have any rooms available for those dates but we’ve charged you anyway”.

  3. Sorry man, but this does not qualify under “airbnbhell” because it’s your own fault that you used a credit card without knowing its limits beforehand. This is not the fault of airbnb. Maybe next time you try to charge something you should use a debit card.

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