1. A very similar thing happened to me! My account was also HACKED and Airbnb was a complete nightmare to deal with. When I told them about my account being hacked, the person on the phone said “hm, maybe your phone numbers were the same and the accounts got crossed.” So, putting in the wrong phone number gives strangers access to my credit card company and the ability to make $2400 bookings under my account and to change all of my personal info on my account? Seems reasonable. And then the only way they would help me was through Twitter. How on earth is that acceptable? I literally had to sign up for a Twitter account so I could get customer service on Airbnb. As you mentioned, there was no way to find a phone number to call anyone directly and I kept getting redirected and no one kept any record of any of the separate calls I made. From start to finish, it was a nightmare and I deleted my Airbnb account and cancelled all of my credit cards as a result.

  2. Airbnb accounts are hacked on a regular basis and thousand of accounts are being sold on the black market. Airbnb is perfectly aware of this but they will never admit it. They put on a great fight to prevent it (so does and did Facebook) – but until it is disclosed and made public they will never admit the hacking as that would cause a big blow on social medias etc. The Facebook scandal is an example of this. It only became public because a big newspaper ran the story. Airbnb will also remain the stand that a hacked account was “compromised” by something the user did. However, Airbnb don’t care about you (as one user) they only care about the masses (the big number of users) and loosing a thousand users a year is nothing when you gain millions by keeping the secret that you in fact are a bad company, putting your users in risk every day without telling and without the intention to help. Keep in mind that helping could be interpreted as admitting responsiblity – and they will never risk being held responsible eventhough it’s their fault and that they are making billions. It’s all about the money and they don’t care how they make it. Only how much they make. Everyone should just turn their back to Airbnb (same goes for Amazon and Facebook by the way).

  3. Your Airbnb Account was compromised, not hacked. The only hacking was that of your linked email account.
    You need to go to that email account and check carefully for any changes, additions, etc. Then change that email account’s password.
    As you have found, you can call Airbnb Support. You can also use Twitter to contact @AirbnbHelp

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