AirBnS: Enough is Enough for this Airbnb Host

I’m an Airbnb host. I used to be proud to announce being an Airbnb host to my friends and family like many others out there until I received every host’s worst nightmare. On March 12th, 2018 I returned to my Bronx home from the result of a guest cancellation at my home. I returned home only to find 80% of my furniture and personal belongings outside sitting in my driveway. This was without a doubt a callous and direct message to me personally from the guest claiming personal justice for his stay being cancelled prematurely.

I’m left suffering from the irresponsible and immature actions of an Airbnb guest. Without any exaggeration, I literally did everything personally within my power outlined within Airbnb’s resolution center to have this issue resolved within the quickest possible timeframe. Unfortunately, even with me taking immediate action to resolve the manner civilly, Airbnb still has failed to successfully come to a realistic resolution and compensate me for personal damages caused by the guest.

Upon doing my due diligence and conducting a thorough investigation of my own, I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that there are countless other hosts worldwide facing this same exact Airbnb “resolution center” nightmare. Airbnb should be ashamed to know that they currently have over 100 open and unresolved host claim cases failing to communicate with hosts (and that’s me being considerate by using a figure as low as 100).

Airbnb prides itself on having morality, empathy and open lines of communication between company, host, and guest. These lines of morality have clearly been compromised greatly, judging from the extensive amount of cases that I’ve recently come across online from performing a simple Google search, looking for people going through similar “resolution center” issues such as myself.

The ultimate conclusion and reality to this revolving door of a “resolution center” is this: everyone who currently has an open Airbnb resolution case will be waiting indefinitely unless immediate action is taken against Airbnb, a company who preys upon unsuspecting hosts such as myself willing to compromise the safety of my home and countless others. Airbnb has clearly broken their own host guarantee rules; this calls for a class action lawsuit.

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  1. I must have been really lucky! All I had was white trash named Gene from Town Creek, AL submit rent then at the last minute bring his wife! We were to meet at 4:30 on May 2 but I had forgotten. 40 minutes later I answered their text inviting them back! They declined! I told them to come back and unpack! They were to lazy to leave a friend’s house and come back. Realizing they were not coming I finally offered to I either let this be a prepay for next time or would return pay out minus a one night’s inconvenience fee. The following Wednesday I saw they had posted a negative review about my place! They stated I was not friendly and my house was dirty! Sort of hard to make that judgement when you have never been inside my home or spoken to me in person! Of course Airbnb sided with them and gave them a full refund which they technically forfeited by choosing not to come back to my house or officially canceling. I called the couple telling them them how I felt about the bogus negative reviews! Of course this lead to 10, I lost count, harassing phone calls from Gene! After blocking his number all that this led to was me forfeiting the money which I was planning to give back even after the harassment! As far as I know the case management still has done nothing about the false negative review, but she did present a snarky attitude and was to stupid to read proper English as I presented text messages demonstrating my willingness to get the guest to come to the house and unpack, so I have that going for me! My guest have been good but after even this one this is not worth the trouble! I’ll be an uber driver for extra money and go with a primary competitor when I want to travel

  2. I have a situation where I would like to take airbnb to court as well. I have thousands of dollars of damages that I’m wondering how to pay and airbnb won’t even pay me the money of the people that completely trashed the place. They said that the people complained about the “check in” mainly bc they booked at 11:40pm and showed up at 3 in the morning. They solved that by breaking in… and therefore – they deserve a refund. Endless “resolution centre” BS about being paid out for all the damages they caused after they checked in…parties and loud music until 5am. Smell of smoke and marijuana. Hole in walls, cigarette butts in the carpet and burn marks in the hardwood floor. Dried puke…

  3. I has a domestic violence issue at my home in SF where the police kicked down my door to have access. There was property damage and I was forced to cancel all future reservations all and all my damages are about 10,000-

    I submitted all paperwork, invoices, pictures and police report. Airbnb had done NOTHING. I think a class action is necessary as well. I am currently exploring that option.

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