Living Beneath an Airbnb for Three Long Years Sucks

We live beneath an Airbnb in our condo building. While some of the guests are actually okay, the ones that are not ruin it. After almost four years I have had enough. The owner of the condo lives in a totally different city and is never there, so they don’t have to put up with the parties, the toddlers running laps for hours on end, and who the hell knows what else is going up there.

Does anyone have any tips on how to handle this crap? I have gone up, banged on doors and told them to keep the noise down, and put notes on the outside of the door so that not only they see them, but everyone on that floor knows what’s going on. I’ve texted the owner and her reply is “call the cops.” I’ve just looked on Airbnb and she is booked up for December, so Christmas hell is just beginning.

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  1. Had another thought that other people have used in flats/apartments/condo’s around the world. Check your Lease – title documents etc to the flat/condo you have …. often there are restrictions within them as to what you can and cannot do at your property… Many Airbnb sufferer’s have found clauses that stop or prevent an Airbnb in its tracks….

  2. Yep we’ve got the same problem and our deepest sympathies. Same as you, our so-called Super Host lives in another part of the country and doesn’t visit the Airbnb. We live remote and the Super Host has the old Farmhouse and we are approx 20 yards away owning the Barn which is our residence. After the parties, the noise, the nuisance, the antisocial behaviour, the drugs and the police…. we’ve had enough and are proceeding with an Injunction against the Super Host. Our council, unlike James MacDonald, wouldn’t touch the property because of its remoteness. Howard Luken, great idea, but I’ve heard Airbnb will take down any review that is negative, especially if the property is popular – cuts into their profits doesn’t it?? So…. get yourself a Lawyer is my advice, ok its expensive…. but there’s little choice when its likely to affect you personally and your property + the resale of your property.

  3. We had three of them operating in our building here in Scotland. So we reported them to our local council as “unlicensed black-market hotels operating in a strictly residential building”. The council investigated and found that this is true and ordered them to cease trading. They all appealed, attempting to defame the characters of those of us who protested. They lost their appeals and were forced to sell or to rent to long-term tenants with standard leases.

    For centuries there has been progressive legislation governing the operation of hotels, hostels and guest-houses. This is necessary to protect the rights of local residents, the safety of guests, and to ensure that taxes for local services are paid. Airbnb suddenly came along and found a means of using the internet to forego all of the rules and slip through the net. Temporary rentals within a private home is one thing; operating a year-round unlicensed hotel within a residential building is another.

    • You mention it’s condos. Is there a homeowners association? If so, are Airbnb’s allowed? Many have banned/restricted it.

      This might be the quickest way to deal with it other than Howard’s idea…and yes, do call the police.

  4. Actually the solution is quite simple. Just rent the place yourself or do it through a friend And then report it to Airbnb in a review and give her a one for everything. Airbnb will kick them off immediately.

  5. How does a host get away with this kind of shit? She’s bringing in lots of income for Airbnb. That’s the only explanation. I had the same problem as a host with guest and instead of kicking the guests off they kicked me off when they kicked off tens of thousands or more hosts after that murder at an Airbnb party in California. The computer just picked every single host that had any kind of Numbers less than 5 and shut them down.

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