Customer Service over Cancellations is Lacking

We had a reservation in South Lake Tahoe over Christmas paid in full, that was abruptly cancelled today, nine days prior to arrival. There was no explanation why, just a gratuity voucher if we could find a replacement for $195. This is the first time some of our family have used Airbnb, and I have to say we are all totally dissatisfied with all that has transpired. Our daughter has received no response to her email from Airbnb or from the host. We reserved in August, well in advance of the holiday. Two of the families are flying up here from southern California. This cancellation has not only made a mess of our well planned trip but also left us scrambling to find a replacement which is not proving to be easy at this late date near the holiday. I haven’t even mentioned the stress of the entire issue. I would think there would be some restrictions to the owners in regards to cancelling, as there is to the renter. $195 for our trouble doesn’t even begin to make things right. They can be sure we will be sharing this with all we know especially to those who use the service.

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  1. Same experience for us in Newport Beach for January 2018. Host cancelled 3 weeks prior to arrival and now shows the same rental unit for the same 4 nights with a rate that is now 50% higher than we paid. Seems to be no regulations for fraudulent hosts,and cannot leave review unless cancelled closer to arrival. We are new customers and can’t seem to get any satisfaction from Airbnb. Sad

  2. they probably found someone else willing to pay more on another Web site — like or homeaway

    airbnb blocks the calendar if the host cancels, but it doesn’t matter if the host can then just book the room or house for more money on another web site

  3. Really too bad. Host do get penalised though: there’s an automatic ‘cancellation’ notice on their page, rating goes down and when this happens too frequently Airbnb may impose a fine. Try next time!

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