Immature abuse

My sister and I booked Airbnb accommodation in Granada. The position of the accommodation was superb, down a short alley way and you were at the base of the Alhambra. Perfect for a couple of days which would include visiting the Alhambra, gazing at the Alhambra and photographing the Alhambra. The accommodation was basic at best. Claimed to sleep four – but where? The two windows which opened to the alley way were the only source of natural light but neither had a curtain, we hung sarongs to provide some privacy as the alternative, to close the shutters, meant that we felt like we were living underground. The gas stove and hot water did not work so we emailed the hosts. At 2pm, on day 2, they arrived to rectify. I am a coffee fanatic and carry my own coffee with me. Once the stove problem had been rectified I looked forward to a decent coffee. But their coffee maker did not work. Eek! The hot water continued to go off until the end of our stay and we continued to light the gas every time we needed a shower. Now, this is what happened, so this is what I reported in my review and this is when the abuse started. Airbnb encourages guests to be honest but where is the protection from the abuse that may follow?? I am very suspicious of reviews and “verified” photos. It is patently obvious that photos lie and reviewers are telling less than the truth. We rented the “magical” place in granada based on photos and reviews. The photos turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse and the reviews were generally glowing …. How come all those visitor experiences were so much better than ours? It’s an Airbnb mystery!

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