1. It is true that hotels require IDs and I require IDs on all of my guests not just the person who books. I do this for the purpose of weeding out the criminals because I have been the victim of criminal actions by my guests and airbnb did nothing about it. However, if I saw that someone had many positive reviews, I might wave that requirement. He said that the host agreed he could come without providing the ID. Some people are just a paranoid about handing out their IDs, and I let one lady slide and nothing bad happened.

  2. They treat the hosts the same way. If you confront them they will start blocking your emails, and it you call they will speak to you in a condesending manner, and you will not get the perfunctory sappy sweet follow up email . I recorded the call when I started to pick up on the condescension. When I have time, I will put it up on youtube and post the link here. Today, I responded to an email from them and I got 2 emails back. One said my email had been received and the other said it had not been received. BTW, the call was partially regarding being lied to by an airbnb rep named Robbie which caused me to lie to my previous guests.

  3. I am not surprised that failing to provide a government ID when requested caused you problems. Every hotel I have ever stayed at requires a government ID. Why shouldn’t someone renting out their private home also be entitled to that protection? Seems to me you refused to cooperate with a reasonable request and it did not work out so well for you. Then again, I wonder what you were hiding by not wanting to provide an ID . . .

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