I had the worst experience of my life booking with Airbnb

I’ve got the worst experience of my life booking with Airbnb. My host cancelled my stay the day I landed in New York. After 2.5 hours spent chatting with the customer care without finding a solution, I was told by my representative that she would have finish her journey shortly and another person would take care of my situation soon. I was contacted two days later after opening a complaint against them.

It isn’t over yet. Since I had no place to go I decided to book a hotel (only 3% were available that day), then asked Airbnb for a full refund of the difference I had to pay between the hotel and my room ($600). After about ten days of emails back and forth they agreed to a payment of $300. Be aware your host can cancel your reservation; you won’t have a full refund and potentially no place to go.

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  1. airbnb is a “high risk – low price” game…
    hotels are more stable and more expensive

    PS I d say – you are a really tough negotiator if you got SUCH A MONEY from airbnb

  2. The lesson is that you book a hotel and pay the price. Airbnb and similar businesses are rotten. All it takes is one bad incident and your trip can be ruined.

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