Airbnb Guests Part of Identify Theft and Fraud Ring

I always ask people what time they are arriving and get a confirmation on a time frame. Locking them into a set time gives me an idea about what kind of people they are too. Since this individual confirmed for 2:00 PM, he had me sitting there until 11:00 PM without showing. It smelt of “let me sleep over and then look through your s$%t when you leave home for work.”

I just got that vibe and I was correct. I did a Google search and found I was in a Airbnb Hell story. It was already past the cancellation deadline on the website. Dude was outside my house; I had to deal directly with Airbnb instead and get the knife out of my hand. They probably intended to rob me. I intended to wait at the door and prepare for any kung fu battle that always begins with an ambush.

I told Airbnb he was not coming into my house. They said, “Wow, how did he manage to make a reservation this time? We have procedures in effect that were bypassed by the reservation system.”

I said I didn’t care what was bypassed or how they managed to do it; there was no way they were coming in.

Airbnb said “You wont be getting any money for cancelling.”

“I could bloody care less, and I don’t care about my Superhost status either.”

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  1. You don’t need ID to make a change addresses and hold anyone’s mail. Yeah were all so lucky. Thieves have a field day with only your name and address. The most important part is what to do next. Look at all your mail from the last 2 months and get anything possible via email. Look for check for changes to your mail and go to the post office weekly to see if anyone mysteriously changed your sh*t. Some never have the headsup that something was wrong and they were clueless till they checked that credit report..

  2. If you do a “change of address form” and also a ” hold my mail” form with usps, who ever the target is will never get the letter that says their address was ever changed. No one has do this in person or show ID, just 2 form drops it in the mail and the mail being forwarded to a quiet PO BOX, it’s that simple. The scam might have already been done, even if they never stepped in your house, all they need is in your mail. Check for less mail the next months and change everything you can to online only. Limit the info the can receive.Sorry, Hope this helps.

  3. Honey I waited from 2-3, CALLED him at at 3, he reschedule checking for 9:30, at 11 pm with the guy still not arrived, I did the Google search and immediately called airbnb. You can stfu, u weren’t there to deal with the drama and can talk from afar…

  4. You waited for NINE hours?! Without contacting/texting guest? Your condescending tone is more indicative of a host from hell – get over yourself and do NOT host on rental platforms.

    • Sally you prob work for the dark side (airbnb) or are almost scary innocent. You tried to blast this host, NOT because of what they found, but on waiting for a guest. You cant cancel folks because they are late, but have EVERY right to cancel under these circumstances. SALLY just give the guy your address so he can hang out by you instead, next time they are in town. ANYBODY can redirect your mail for 2 weeks BEFORE usps lets you know a change to your address has ever been made. This is no laughing matter what so ever,but it might be to you.

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