Host in Tallahassee Needs to Grow Up and Accept Hurricane

We booked a townhouse in Tallahassee, Florida necessary for evacuation from Hurricane Irma. The host was to contact us one day prior to provide the lock box code for the key. He never fulfilled that promise. Rather than drive five hours hoping he would come through, we canceled the reservation at 6:30 AM and emailed the host. Note that the hurricane had shifted west and Tallahassee was now in the path of the storm. Being in an evacuation zone, we scrambled to find a safe place and inquired about a refund. The host responded a day later at 5:45 PM stating his no refund policy. After some back and forth after the fact, he had the audacity to blame the hurricane for the reason he hadn’t responded. The reason we canceled (besides never getting the lock box code) was the same reason he said he couldn’t communicate and he still denies us a refund? I’m not sure how many properties this host has on various sites but stay far far away from him. Perhaps he can grow into a real man but for now he is an immature child who can’t take responsibility for his own failings.

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  1. The two things I’m learning from these stories are 1) never book AirBnB, and 2) if somehow I do, NEVER cancel a reservation myself unless I’m willing to eat the cost. Show up anyway, or if you can’t, don’t show and tell AirBnB that the host did not give you adequate instructions/directions/confirmation. Because if you cancel, they WILL put it all on you.

  2. Keep fighting Ms. Clements! It’s horrific behavior hiding behind a policy that the host creates and then ignores the actual Airbnb policy for extenuating circumstances. Follow the instructions on this site for resolution. So sorry for your plight. I truly hope they do the honorable thing for you and your family.

  3. I am also chasing a full refund due to Hurricane Irma – had booked a place on Kiawah Island for a wedding – travelling from Australia – the Island facilities were shut down until 18/9 and the wedding was cancelled on the 8/9 as all guests were travelling from far away – Charleston was under water and flights were cancelled – the cancellation was out of our control and under extenuating circumstances policy we are due a full refund – the host Matt is ducking and weaving and now tells me I’m being annoying to keep messaging him – has turned me off air B and B totally – shouldn’t be this hard – they are happy to take your money quickly but loathe to honour policy – all other hotels and services we booked have honoured refunds straight away once Irma was confirmed.

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