Host Messes up Check-in, Acts Like it is my Fault

Here is my story. While it not be as bad as others on here, I definitely feel wronged. I paid for a night at a host’s apartment who had raving reviews and was Airbnb verified, so I assumed everything was kosher. The night before I left there was an issue with security and the previous guest leaving the keys with security instead of in the lock box that was secure so I would have to coordinate my check in time with the host directly. It wasn’t a big deal but when 3:00 PM rolled around, I called and left messages for the host until she finally answered a half hour later explaining she didn’t coordinate getting the keys to me yet and that she would be available at 5:00 PM (it was already completely ridiculous when the check in was at 3:00).

I offered to meet her at the location where the keys were, a few neighborhoods away from the listing. We traveled there and sat around for 45 minutes with no keys. The person who was supposed to meet us didn’t pick up his phone. At that point it was 5:00 PM and I was completely frustrated. I decided it was not worth the hassle and try to cancel. She also mentioned that once we got to the building we would have to duck security and make sure not to talk to the building staff, only causing me more concern. She then proceeded to tell me how it was my fault and even though she was the one who inconvenienced me, this was my problem. I left the location and her husband called me to tell me he had arrived. I explained the situation to him and he started being equally as rude and just plain ridiculous. They were in the wrong and I paid for it. Now I am trying to get a refund and of course she declined to reimburse me.

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  1. 1. Book a hotel
    2. Book a hotel.
    3. Book a hotel

    I don’t understand it, people wanting all the conveniences of traditional lodgings booking an airbnb.

    Countless times I would arrange to meet an airbnb guest at their stated arrival time (that I specifically asked for so I could make that plan), yet more often the not I would be sitting in my car outside waiting between 1-2 hours. I once did my taxes for the year while waiting.

    You’re at the mercy of your host or guest and whatever they have going on as to the kind of experience you’ll get out of it, don’t like it (I didn’t), don’t airbnb (I no longer do).

  2. Check-in delayed by 2 hours so you decided to cancel? Something is fishy here…. More likely: “I found a cheap youth hostel and I am squirming to get a refund.”

  3. Depending on the city, you could tell her that you will be calling the local city complaint number to report her probably illegal listing unless she refunds your payments

    The building management company is another place that can be notified

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