After Bed Bugs, Airbnb Cancelled Reservation

This has been the worst Airbnb experience of my life. We just checked out of a Lisbon Airbnb where bed bugs ate us alive. Please see the attached photos of the painful welts all over my body, face and neck. After complaining to Airbnb, the resolution manager proceeded to cancel the rest of our trip. We are now standing in the airport about to board a flight to Seville with no accommodations to go to when we land at midnight. Two girls alone in a foreign city. Three different resolution managers we initially spoke to told us that we would receive a refund and that we would also be rebooked in a hotel for this evening at Airbnb’s own cost (the least they could do). We did receive the refund and were trying to retrieve the hotel information when a new manager informed us that they would not be creating a reservation for us because they already went ahead and processed the refund. She claimed it was one or the other – which is not what three prior managers told us. We are now standing stranded in the airport with nowhere to go when we land. This was the most disgusting, unsafe experience I have ever encountered and I will be spreading this story publicly as far as I can so that other young women traveling don’t get put it the same unsafe and frightening situation.

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  1. Every air bnb customer service agent will sugar coat everything. I’m stranded in my car, pregnant, after just being evicted by air bnb due to the fact the host is illegally subletting after air bnb received a call from his landlord, we lost all our rights when they canceled the reservation. We have to wait 10 days apparently for the refund while we are living out of the car. I just want my refund and go my separate ways with air bnb. I’m officially homeless and was using air bnb to look and save for an apartment I’m supposed to have 78 days left of my reservation it’s been 4 days now and they won’t even pay for a hotel. Nothing.

  2. Really sad story. Indeed, Airbnb doesn’t provide any guarantees regarding cleanliness and safety standards – hotels and professional accommodation providers do. Hence, with Airbnb it is the luck of the draw……..

  3. I booked an apartment in Bolongne Sur Mer in France for 3 nights this month for my husband & myself & my son ,his wife & 2 children 7 & 9 & their Labrador.
    I did all the correct checks ,read the reviews, paid via Airbnb however when we arrived at the apartment we were shocked at the state of it.
    We were met at the apartment by the owners father who took us up 5 flights of stairs – not mentioned- he stopped on the 3rd floor ,opened a tatty door to show us a very dirty terrace & some tatty outdoor furniture & very rickety staircase- this was apparently the out door BBQ area.
    Nobody could have used this area especially with children.
    On reaching what turned out to be the top floor it only got worse – the bathroom was disgusting- the toilet had not even been flushed let alone cleaned.The kitchen was dark & dingy with no proper cooking facilities .The living room floor had clumps of black human hair scattered over it .
    The 3 bedrooms were equally as bad – the bedding look dirty & crumpled as though it had never been cleaned.
    The most worrying aspect of the apartment was that there was no fire exit or fire extinguishers anywhere & this combined with the faulty electrical light fittings in most rooms & the lack of even basic cleanliness made us decide not to stay here.
    The whole apartment was dirty & not as described- yes it did have a sea view but it did not
    explain that you had to cross a busy road to get to the beach.
    We paid £479.00 for this dreadful place.
    I then had to find accommodation for the 3 nights for the whole family which was a struggle at this busy time of year & it was quite late by now

    I contacted Airbnb from the apartment- was promised a call back that never happened,contacted them again the next day & was allocated someone called Luke – neither of us could contact the owner.Luke said that he would do what he could to help me get a refund.
    I Did send photos which Luke said at first ‘were not bad enough ‘!
    At the moment I am over £1200 out of pocket after paying for a hotel & meals for 6 people .
    I have sent 15 emails , made numerous expensive phone calls,written to the CEO of Airbnb & have been allocated yet another case manager who has not phoned me back but emailed on Sunday saying he would contact me today & has not.One member of the Airbnb team laughed at me when he looked at all the emails I had sent as he said ‘it would take him too long to read them’ ! Is this good customer care ? I think not.
    I now do not know who to turn to to get a refund.

    I do feel that Airbnb favour the hosts & not the guests.

  4. Same thing here with bugs but we can’t get our money back. Resolution manager won’t even respond to phone calls. Any suggestions?

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