Host Lied and Stole Deposit – Horrible Expierence

I just used Airbnb for the first time. When I got home my Host asked me for my security deposit which was $1000, saying I had damaged a chair. I told her that I never sat in the chair, which I had not and told her I was not willing to hand over 1000 dollars for a chair I never sat in. She turned it over to the “resolution ” center and submitted some photos of a worn out chair. The photos clearly show wear on old leather chair. Its was to me laughable and yet AIRBNB sided with the host even though I denied even sitting in the chair and gave her my deposit. I am out the $1000 with no recourse and she gets a free chair at my expense. I am now blocked, they blocked my access to the photos and hide behind their user agreement. No one will talk to me as all decisions are final. Its is ridiculous.

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