Host Declined Reservation, But Room Still Listed

I wanted to book a room for two nights and found this listing that I liked. I was under the impression that if a room is advertised it should be available, so I went ahead and sent in my booking request to the hosts through Airbnb. I have verified myself on Airbnb through my driver’s license. This reservation is during Christmas when prices go up within a few hours. After almost 12 hours, the host responded and requested I cancel the request as she has family coming over. I went ahead and cancelled, but I still saw the listing available on Airbnb. Why is it still up if they know family will be taking up those rooms. Is this not discrimination?

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  1. I’m a host, we do this all the time around the holidays. We tell our family they can come and stay in the AirBnB apartment (next to ours) and we leave it available on the site in case we get a really lucrative (long term) request, then we take it and make our family stay on the pull out couch in ours.

  2. Life goes on! Don’t over think it; you’ll get angry you’ll get sick. You have your money and they have their room.

    You have much more to learn.

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