Host Cancels Two Weeks before Daughter’s Wedding

I cannot believe the situation I am in. I carefully found an Airbnb near Washington DC nine months ago, paid $2400, and now I have no place for my guests. I am traveling for my daughter’s wedding. I found a place that has five bedrooms and near the wedding location in Virginia. I cannot possibly find a replacement with only two weeks to go and apparently this particular host has done it before. Airbnb thinks $200 will made up for this nightmare. There should be a class action lawsuit against this type of practice. This host apparently has defrauded others and now I’m one. I am beside myself. Can someone please help me stop this illegal practice?

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  1. What is even more maddening about this Is a host can apply a “strict” cancellation policy to their property, meaning that they keep 50% of the full rental amount plus Airbnb fees, even if you cancel months ahead of time and even if the host rents the place to someone else on the same dates after you cancel!

    And its OK for a host to cancel your reservation at the last minute with no repercussions.

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