Host Account Hacked and NO Help from Airbnb

I started hosting a few weeks ago with Air BNB. Since then my account has been taken over by hackers, bank account details changed. I can’t login to my own account anymore. I have not received payment for my first guest who left already and I don’t know what to do about the next guest who is due Wednesday. I have called C Service every day for a week but they can’t help, only note my issues. I received one mail saying they would look into it and since then I keep getting emails that my bank account has changed, email etc again.. My account has now been closed and my listing removed from the internet. The communication from AirBNB has been atrocious, ie. leaving me hanging with no answers and not even the decency to reply to my 15 emails. I will be filing a police report and contacting my lawyer on Monday.

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  1. Mine has been hacked also. I cant even login to use their “contact” form. I called Airbnb on Dec 12th. Someone in China booked several days and changed my password, acct name, photo, credit card and booked a trip then it was cancelled. Airbnb rep Alanis on the phone said mine was marked urgent, So far NO CONTACT whatsoever from Airbnb, today I get an email saying once again my acct is changed, name is changed and its someone in India. Im back on the phone with Sheena at airbnb who makes another ticket, cant help me out with anything other then she will mark it urgent. And of course my credit card number doesnt match now whats on the acct(I told her thats because someone else changed it!) I asked her how long till I hear from someone, she doesnt know? So this is comforting? People put their credit card info in this site and cant get prompt real service, just phone operators, and nobody follows up? I have booked several trips in the past so this is disturbing, I cant get into my own acct now and nobody can help me. I cant even change my password (which Ive already done once before)

  2. My account has been hacked. Today is 11-18-16. Someone booked “my place” in Singapore. I live in the United States and do not have any places listed. I am trying to find a way to contact Airbnb – I can’t find an email address or a phone number. The Payout Method shows an email that is not mine. I can’t change it at all. I am horrified.

  3. My account was hacked a month ago. I’ve contacted airbnb several times regarding this matter but all they say it has been noted and sent to the investigation dept. No-one has contacted me about the matter and zero support or re-assurance offered. An arriving guest was sent an email by airbnb and advised to not have any contact with me, the host, or to go anywhere near my property. Thankfully, my guest had found my number on the internet and contacted me and was reassured I was not the enemy. My guests had a great stay at my accommodation and paid me directly. So, not only have I received NO support from airbnb but my guests were told to stay well clear of ME!!! Very disappointing!!!

  4. I have been hacked!
    Getting lots of texts and emails for apartments.
    I dont have any apartments and I never was a host.
    The hackers have someway of knowing my reset password.
    I have asked Airbnb to delete and destroy my account in fool and they keep saying “everything looks fine, just update your password”. This type of response makes me believe that Airbnb is supporting these scams!!!!!
    Airbnb needs to do more!

  5. I also am having problems getting my money from air bnb
    Funds were transferred to an account in Singapore without my knowing!!!!
    I have called about 20 times,with no help from them!!!

    Does anyone have info on who to call in regards to thiis
    Please HELP

  6. My account was hacked and the hacker changed my email. I assume the hacker took over my account. Now I can’t log into the website. Does anyone have the phone number of airbnb? I replied a message to to let them know that I did not change of my email. However, I did not hear anything back. I prefer to call to make sure airbnb indeed knows about my problem. I also got emails indicating there were transactions of $7000 happening using my name. The credit card did not seem to be mine though…

  7. hi
    I just found out my account was hacked, and airbnb was very helpful…. in the end.
    My account was taken over by hackers and later adequately locked by airbnb.

    I called airbnb direct and the first contact and advice was stupid: reset your password!
    Than emailed several times, nothing. I called again and was lucky (?) he knew what was going on and he was very patient. I was happy that I was heard at last by airbnb. They will arrange for me my account will be working again.

    I had called the bank and they were very helpful with information on credit card and when to worry about illegitimate use via internet.

    Also @ mail can help.

  8. I was hacked last night, my payout method changed and a guest booking accepted without my knowledge, what do I do?

  9. I’m in a different situation, doesn’t look like my account is hacked in, but they are
    saying that can’t pay me, because my bank refuse a payout or so. So they ask me to add a new payout method. But when I tried to do that, the window pops up with some security check, so I had to send them copy of my id. I did that, but stil no luck. Security window stil pops up and nothing I can do. Of course airbnb is not respoding to my emails. I’ve sent already around 15 and no answer. This Friday I have my third guests coming without a pay. Airbnb looks like scam. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I wait till they leave and than cancel all my future bookings. Also I try to call them, but guess what? Answering machine!

  10. My airbnb was recently hacked, they put up fake photos and my account has been taken over. Airbnb has sent me emails but I can still not log in, and I continue getting email requests for apartments that do not exist. I have been pretty unsatisfied by their response. Question: did anyone else who was hacked notice a downturn in future business?

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Just an update, i got hacked the same way as you didi 2 months ago and it was all resolved by airbnb. Yes it took a while and quite hard to communicate or got any response from airbnb. Now my account is in a good standing for one month and hope to keep that way. Just an advise, i do believe on these hacker motives by using some kind of link that pretend they are guest and would like you to click on the link to show your property. So just beware with message from guest not all inquiry is actually from guest, there are few message that could lead you to getting hacked. My suggestion keep contacting airbnb, better by phone, should also check if your email also got hacked. Good luck and keep your faith airbnb will resolve your problem. I had 10 payouts before was freeze and 2 payouts was sent to a hacker account, but airbnb has refund all my money !

      • Dont bother calling Airbnb. If you can actually reach anyone you will get no satisfaction — nothing but a gobbledegook runaround. The entire company hides behind an online cyber curtain, there are no telephone numbers or addresses or email accounts to enable contact with anyone in their management. Airbnb collects almost 1/6 of the rental fees hosts charge. They have no incentive to make things right if they can continue to collect fees even if from fraudulent hosts. These people are making (but not earning) piles of money and both Hosts, Guests and property Owners are the last thing airbnb could be concerned with. This is a good idea gone terribly wrong. Finally, they don’t check to validate ownership of properties or if renters are permitted to sublet. When a host is renting illegally, the airbnb process is to submit a “ticket” for “investigation”. This is meaningless BS as is their so-called $1 million insurance . Nothing is investigated and nothing is corrected. As a property Owner I have been asked to submit — get this: submit a copy of my DEED for their “investigators”. A simple title search would reveal true ownership but this would actually require airbnb to apply some legal diligence to their game. Engage with airbnb at your peril.

  12. I got hacked into on Friday,payout was changed my account was frozen, couldn’t respond to anyone. I had 3 payouts that were coming in that day and it didn’t show on my account so i looked up my payout preferences and seen an EURO account added and set as default. I called them right away and Airbnb solved the problem just today, my acocunt was not frozen anymore, they said they would issue my funds to my bank account for the past reservations that were due and i did not receive yet. FINALLY i wasn’t stressed out anymore, YET my account was hacked AGAIN just this afternoon after all that, not only did they change the payout, they DELETED my account so i wouldn’t be able to change it back to the right one again. Now i have people blowing up my phone, sending rude emails thinking i canceled their reservations last minute and i really don’t know what to do. I called airbnb again 2x already, spoke to the supervisor, as usual they can’t do shit to help you. They said they were going to send it to the investigation department again and see what they were going to do. Now i sit here, waiting, guests that made reservations are freaking out, i have over 20 and i don’t have all their emails so i can’t notify them of the situation. This is just a big screw up on their secure system. I have 9 other websites and have been in business for over 6 years and this has NEVER happened to me before.

  13. This is BS. Airbnb was hacked bigtime early this week and has yet to acknowledge it to users. They finally replied to me after I posted on Facebook, and tried to blame me for clicking on a link in a request. A) I would not click on a link like that, and B) How the hell did a live link get through their system, which forbids that? I still don’t know what the hell is going on with them. They shut down my account until I “verify and change my password.” They need to come clean with users. I’m feeling lucky right now that our Paypal account had no money in it from airbnb after reading some of this stuff online.

  14. Hi Guys! I’m having the same problem, my account has been hacked and they’re chaning my email, payment method and so on.. apparently airbnb has blocked everything but they’re not answering my email and no one at the phone is able to tell me what’s gping on!
    Do you have any news about it? If so then it will really help a lot!
    Thank you

  15. I had a similar problem. The problem lies within the AirBNB website and APP security protocol. Once someone hacks to your account, no matter how many times you try and protect yourself by changing your password, unless the hacker logged out, their access is not affected by the change you made because it doesn’t kick them out of the site to re-log back in. So they can change whatever they want changed and you have no clue what’s happening. I have made them aware of this problem since it started last week. This hackers are smart, they are trying to time changing the payout info when a big amount is about to get transferred, hopefully I caught it in time.
    AirBNB has not been as helpful as I would expect them to be. They have answered my calls but each time it’s a different person and no return call has been made by the actual person handling my case. Also, a few of their customer service reps didn’t even catch what was happening. They thought the emails I was getting about the email being changed was due to a system glitch instead of an actual change of email by the hacker and then changing it back again to my original one.
    Until AirBNB updates their security protocol to one that kicks the user out when an account setting has been made, this problem will keep on happening because their security protocol is faulty and too easy to hack.

  16. I commented here a few days ago. I would like to retract my statement and give some advice. Airbnb WAS getting back to me, simply the hacker was rerouting their messages. I contacted them from my mother´s emails and they called me and promptly fixed the situation in a very professional manner. I wanted to just say that these hackers are nasty and smart people and its a big risk that the company is serious about protecting us against. Airbnb did proactively do its best to resolve everything (including making sure from now on its impossible to change my bank account except to those already authorized by me). My advice to hosts is do like me, contact them from another email in a panic, give them a phone number and wait for their call. They will respond.

  17. I was hacked 13 days from now and kicked out of my own profile just as a 1500 USD payment was due. No satisfactory response. I am assuming they are so flooded with similar cases that they cant response, particularly since the hacker contacted me through Airbnb.

    Now I am basically in their hands, emailing them on a daily basis hoping they will respond.

    • Hi Alex,

      How is it going with airbnb ? did they pay you the money back, i also got hacked in airbnb they change my payment method and NO notification in my email( so i dont realixe ) until they suppose to transfer me USD 4117, to my account i never received. This just happened yesterday on the 8th oct ! This is really BAD, i mean BAD BAD ! so let me know how you go with it .


    • HI Teresa,

      Let me know if your issue has been solved by airbnb, they hacked into my account yesterday and they change my payment method, sent the payment to unknown account ! im still waiting for airbnb to contact me. So if you have solve this matter would really appreciate to advise me.

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