Getting back at Airbnb

I recently had a horrible experience with Airbnb customer service, so I’ve decided to get back at them! Long story short, I’ve bee an airbnb host for several months but I just had some super crazy guests that were insanely loud and filthy so I asked them to leave. They refused to leave, and basically made my life a living hell for 3 weeks! I asked Airbnb for help, but they took forever to respond and were not remotely help when they did finally get back to me with a form email! Anyway, I figured out a better way, here it is:

Basically I kept my airbnb listings online, but now EVERY TIME I get a message from a potential guest, I offer them a discounted rate (remember the guests are paying about 15% MORE than you’re getting anyway due to Airbnb fees) if they’ll book privately with me in cash. This is a total win win! The guests are happy to save money, I’m happy to NOT be bound by any crazy airbnb contracts that force me to allow psycho people to stay in my house for fear of a bad review or worse, a 50% refund from airbnb!

I’m not saying this is 100% ethical, but you know what, until airbnb fixes their retarded policies, I think this is an extremely fair solution!

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  1. Especially since Airbnb does not have your back, and will lie to you about everything under the sun. They will not even back up what they say when it is in writing. Their guarantees are worthless. Plus. the employees at the cleaning company the use,Handy, steal your stuff and neither company will do anything. I wonder what airbnb is getting out of the Handy deal….

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