What Happens When an Airbnb Host Sells her House?

I have sold my condo, but there’s no way for me to unlist it on Airbnb. Now I have posted all over my rental page, “Don’t rent this condo, it’s been sold!” For crying out loud, Airbnb: make it public and easy to unlist your property. Certainly I’m not the only person to sell my condo. As evidence of that, I recently tried to rent a place in Ogden, Utah. As it turns out, the place had been sold. The owner tried to cancel my reservation, but wasn’t able to. Here we are, four days later, and a $1100 charge has posted to my credit card. I’m now disputing the charge through my credit card company because there is no customer service to fix the problem at Airbnb. Part of their profits should be spent on beefing up customer service. My next step is to go to the Better Business Bureau.

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  1. Nonsense

    If anybody want to desactivate the listing, there just a button to click, should there be a technical issue you just have to get in touch with airbnb customer service, I always have been able to be in touch with them whenever i needed Them. You can also snooze the listing if you don’t want anyone to make resevation for s while. It’s really the easiest thing.

    For the cancelation, the host always can do that himself, probably the reason he claims he could’nt do it is because he didn’t wanted to have a penalty, an automatic bad review associated to his account, or loose a superhost status, and he tried to trick you into canceling Yourself. Or doing nothing? I didn’t get if you canceled or did nothing hoping your money wouldn’t be wired.

    A quick explanation with Airbnb customer service would have allow them to refund you completely right away ( they can see the messages exanged between host and guest) but you need to stress this and make happen until 1 day after check in. Otherwise it’s literally impossible to get your money back since the host has already received the money, especially if you cancelled yourself or worst did nothing.

    But again Airbnb customer service is reachable, they made it not very convenient because you have to go via their faq and precise you need more help and then write a message.

    On my side I’m a superhost and have an easier acces to them, with a phone number, there’s also a chat Available which worked great for me and if I ask them to call me usually they do it within the hour ( the messages are answered within 24 hours)

  2. I can only think you didn’t call Airbnb or look at their Help Centre before making the claim that you can’t deactivate a listing on Airbnb.

    As others have said it’s incredibly easy to do so.

    In terms of you booking with someone who has sold their property. Again I am not sure why the host would have any difficulties being able to cancel your booking. They just go into your booking confirmation and hit the cancel button.

    You don’t need to and shouldn’t dispute the charge. A quick call on your part to Airbnb would result in the money being returned to your account and a 10% additional credit to help you find somewhere else.

  3. Call AirBnB and speak to them – they will read the conversation between you and the host, and will cancel on their behalf

  4. I actually thought I would find real life stories here. Anybody who actually uses Airbnb will quickly realize this is just a lie. Not a “misundestanding”, but a lie.

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