Airbnb in Sicily Grossly Misrepresented, Still No Refund

My friends and I booked an Airbnb house In Fiumefreddo, Sicily. We chose this house because it could easily accommodate three couples, as there were at least three bedrooms with queen beds and three bathrooms. At booking, the owner confirmed that we would indeed have the entire house.

We arrived on October 3rd, 2017. The house had obviously been misrepresented by the owner. There were indeed three queen beds; however, one of those beds was in an alcove with curtains around it, curtains which could not have been hung more than one foot from the bed. That is not a bedroom.

There was an extremely narrow spiral staircase. I am a very small woman and could barely fit on the staircase, so we were certainly not going to be able to carry a suitcase up there. This meant whoever stayed on that floor would have to keep their suitcase on another floor and carry clothes up as needed. There were only two bathrooms and the older couple in the house informed us, through an interpreter, that we did not have the entire home, as they lived there.

We called the owner to inquire about the third bathroom and bedroom with queen bed. She told us her parents were living in the house on the first floor and had the other bedroom and bathroom, and said she would have her parents leave. We were not going to put two elderly people out of their home, as we would not be disrespectful to this man and woman. Their own daughter had misrepresented the situation.

We contacted Airbnb with the issues we faced: a house that was completely misrepresented by the owner. We requested a refund and were told we would get $500. This hardly compensates us for the money we paid and we feel cheated. If this is how Airbnb treats customers, it is very disappointing, and they have now lost six customers. We are all well traveled, and thought the Airbnb business model was one we would utilize for this trip. It was such a bad experience, and we have been poorly compensated. This was the first and last time we will use Airbnb. Our file needs to be reviewed again and we, who have been wronged by the homeowner, should be reimbursed if not for everything, then at least 80% of what we paid.

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  1. But you choosed to stay so there’s no reason they refund you all, even 80%.
    The owner even offered you take the parent’s room (we don’t know the whole story but they probably had a place to stay)
    And for the staircase it would have upset me too but when we book Airbnb we can’t have hotel expectation, now if there was a picture of the stairs it’s your problem and it there’s wasn’t… never book a place where you don’t see everything

  2. It sounds like you chose to stay in this AirBnB for your full booking, but are now demanding a full refund. My personal sense is that a refund of about 20% of what you paid would be fair in these circumstances. You have received $500 in compensation, but it isn’t clear how much you paid in total for your booking.

  3. My experience with Air BnB is they will not refund your money. I lost $4000 at Mike’s Lake House in Barnstable Mass that was totally misrepresented. Unlivable. Air Bn B Resolution denied us a refund. Good luck

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