1. Yeah right: you allowed host to use your bike for 2 months and simply expected it be returned in the exact same condition……. Ever signed up for a Master’s in Professional Cheapskatism? You’d pedal through with honors:)

  2. Hi David, thanks for trying to understand how this could happen.
    I’m still in shock. The guests who were here at the time were appalled by his behaviour and the resulting Airbnb decision as well.

    To answer your question, It means I let him use my bike, which he reported “stolen”. After he offered to replace it, I sent him screenshots of comparable bikes (from different sites) and advised him I’d accept about 1/3 of the cost. He then became belligerent, texted that it was a “piece of junk” (after using it for 2 months), that it “wasn’t worth more than $50”; offered to replace it with a child size bicycle from Craigslist …
    That’s the story…
    During his trespass and illegal occupation of my home, he didn’t offer any explanation. He had almost 12 hours to do so.
    He’s lucky he wasn’t in the States. I’m sure, the entire situation would have been dealt with differently…

  3. “initiated an early cancellation after losing personal property loaned to him as a courtesy” What does that actually mean? I’m guessing there is another side to this story.

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