Female Guests Flee from Sex Stalking Host

I am trying to get this Airbnb shut down. I have emailed Airbnb several times. Now, I am sending a letter. This borders on criminal.

Four people were sexually harassed so badly, they fled. Guest #1 was a middle aged woman, alone. The host had loud, domineering sex in his room next to women. She fled, fearing that she might be raped. Guest #2 was very young girl, 18-21, traveling alone. The host walked her upstairs to the room. he said or did something so inappropriate, the girl got in her car and left, right then. Guest #3 was a young woman, staying two nights a week for work. The host texted her outside of the property, wanting her to “hang out/party.” The host wanted sex, harassing her. She found another place to stay.

The host is an alcoholic. He is drunk every single afternoon until 1:00-2:00 AM. He stumbles around his lawn naked, urinates naked on the front lawn, and has women perform sexual acts on him out front/underneath guests’ windows. He just got out of jail a few months ago for assault/domestic violence/breaking a restraining order.

He drives guests drunk. it is illegal for him to drive, unless a breathalyzer is installed in his car. The host drives his mother’s car, or guests’. The host had sex with a guest he just met. He let her run the Airbnb (his house with his 84-year-old mom), while he was in jail for over a year. He also had a homeless young couple run the Airbnb, his house, his mother, after his release, so he could fly and spend a month with a female guest he had sex with.

The couple stole, and called police about the host waving a gun in their faces. The gun was found in the living room drawer. The host lied, denied having one.

Guest #5 was male. He paid cash, an under the table deal. The host asked him to have sex with him and one other person. The guest had to find another place to stay. He worked in Vermont. The host will use guests for anything he can get: sex, drugs, alcohol, or to lure women in to take care of his mom, cook and clean, and have sex with him.

He is currently manipulating a middle age women, alone and starting over, to move in, cook, clean, and use her for sex. He does not care who he hurts, as long as he gets what he wants.

Pathological liar. Unstable sociopath/narcissist. I can’t believe Airbnb lets him host. Would they want their mom, sister, or daughter staying there?

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  1. If any guest make a complaint to AirBnB about sexual harassment, even a FAKE one, AirBnB close the host’s account directly without any questions asked or any investigation. Plenty real good hosts have been a victim of stories like the above.

  2. The strangest thing about this post is that the only way a person would know about all of these guests is if they are an acquaintance of this host. It really sounds like it is written by a jilted lover or jealous neighbor.

  3. I dont understand posts like these. You say all these horrible things happened yet show no proof. And worse, no indication of who he is or where he is in order to prevent other people booking his place.
    This makes no sense to me.


  4. Should take up a career in fiction writing1 Yet again another unqualified “story’ designed to discredit Airbnb because it has disrupted the hotel/rental market. Unsurprising the page is sponsored by VRBO. Shameful and very transparent tactics.

  5. Many of you writers need to really tell us who these hosts are by sharing a link to listings instead of just telling stories. Either your trying to help or your trying to entertain.
    This was entertaining.

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