Airbnb Host Relists His Property for More

I made a reservation to stay one week. The host took payment, then would not answer a few days before regarding check in. I had to get customer service involved and he finally answered them. I was in a car on my way to the Airbnb and I got a message that he wanted to cancel most of my days, giving the excuse that he has family issues. Well, now I’m out with nowhere to stay in NYC. I searched and the only available places are around $300 a night. Plus while searching I came across the place that changed my dates due to “family issues”; it’s available for those dates for more money. Airbnb is a scam. They don’t screen who is offering places.

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  1. It’s rather hard as a host to get Airbnb to re-list after a cancellation, even for valid reasons. It’s possible the listing simply showed up but wasn’t actually bookable. In terms of price increases, these happen because many hosts use automatic software to set the prices and rarely ever change them themselves, not everyone of course, but it is incredibly common.

  2. I call B.S. If the host cancelled, then Airbnb would’ve blocked the days so they wouldn’t show up on Airbnb as being available.

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