Everything Went so Wrong, No Help from Airbnb

Sorry if this is too vague, but I can check and verify all the details later if needed. I’m sure I don’t remember even half what happened. It was the summer of 2017, and I was on one of the Canary Isles – Teneriffe – with two boys, aged 18.

It was out of season, but surprisingly, most of the Airbnb hosts were also on holiday. There were not many options for staying, specially when we drove through the mountains. We found a normal looking house, and paid for two or three nights.

The host was suppose to be fluent in several languages, but when we arrived, he was so nervous that he couldn’t say more than ten words. The ceiling of one room was covered in kerosene, and the smell of chemicals was toxic. We opened the windows, and waited half an hour.

The bedroom heater was a humidifier, not a heater at all. Many places were so dirty that they were impossible to touch. There were no cups or plates in the kitchen (two mugs were shattered, and leaked tea on the table).

We could not sleep, because rats or rodents were living in the ceiling, drywall, and roof. There were ten more small things that weren’t so urgent, but were annoying/broken, etc).

We left early the next morning, after sleeping in our cold car outside. The host denied everything, and we didn’t even get a refund.

Airbnb handled the matter really badly. They asked for photos; we had photos of ten other things, but not the rats. The house was partly renovated, but attached to another half that was in ruins. Many areas were unsafe and not suitable for human habitation.

I’m 50 years old, and this was truly one of the worst experiences of my life, concerning places to sleep. The most concerning factor was Airbnb unable to offer any help , guidance, advice or anything.

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  1. Sorry, stumble at this page, only maybe once an year or so..

    Found the house at google maps ; 3 Calle Teodoro Rodriguez Tenteniguada Canary Islands

    There is white van at front of the building and one can see collapsed?/empty building attached
    this one at kind of backround, partly overt the roof, whre I assume taht rats were coming.

    Next years we spend good few weeks driwing at Las Palmas, last or second last place
    was hostel at Calle Americo Vespucio 19, that Russian guys was renowating, during daytime
    ( when We were ot ) Doing all together, water, eletrci, gas, flooring , piping , blumping etc

    One day the firdge wasent coolig, but light was on. I dont know they had attact electric wires
    during that day,but I got really heavy jolt at kitchen sink, when touching it same time, as’ my hand touched plug of laptop charger ( that is only 12 Volts )

    Havent had time to tell anyone. Hope that no one have been electrocuted, as My friend said
    that they had made error when attaching eletric wires

    • Perhaps they just found the website. Maybe you should find something better to do with your time rather than leaving malicious replies to posts. 🙂

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