FIRST AIRBNB FAILED EXPERIENCE DUE TO BAD COMMUNICATION FROM ALL SIDES and their website doesnt allow me to publish my review.

However the host published one about me which is fake.
Here you can see both reviews
I have been using airbnb and wimdu for more than two years now, always for long term bookings in flatshares and only for myself, as well as a carshare platform. I am an active member of the Ouishare community in Berlin as well as personal friends with the connector, Mr Donnerbrink and we actively promote new and old shared economy projects.
A couple of weeks ago I booked for the first time for short term for three persons. We wanted to attend the Armin Van Buren show in Valencia, Spain. I have my small doggie with me and we found no hotels in Valencia which accepted dogs, only tourist apartments. Also at the moment I have an injury in my hip which prevents me from climbing stairs. Knowing airbnb I felt more safe going through their service than risking getting scammed from some other random tourist ad on the internet. Initially we had requested two other bookings and for two nights, one of them was for the whole property and had been entirely prepaid. By Friday evening none of the hosts had replied and the bookings had expired. We decided to book with this host who had an INSTANT BOOKING button, and we had to postpone the trip for next day. When we were on our way, we still didnt have news from the host, only almost getting to Valencia I could reach him on the phone, and he didnt even know that we were coming because he hadnt checked his email. Airbnb customer services transferred money to my account, so that we could use a locker at the station, as we had to wait till late afternoon to check in because the host worked and couldnt be there earlier.
Late afternoon we had to get to the apartment, and we got late, not 45 min though, it was further than we expected and took us a while to find the place, we communicated on the phone with the host about this. We were assigned a double room and a kid s size bed in the living room, the latest didnt match with what the listing said. We really craved a shower in such hot weather, but there were no towels for us. Also we had no keys of the place and we were not given proper explanations about what we should expect. It started to get late in terms of getting ready for the show and have some dinner out, so we contacted airbnb customer service for help. After a few attemps to find a solution and somebody who emailed claiming having talked to the host and given instructions, which apparently was not true as the host explained later, a helpful agent offered to pay for a hotel. Unfortunately we could not find anything which accepted dogs in whole Valencia even if we were ready to pay very expensive. So we all stayed there and missed the show. The host came late night, we talked for a while, then he left and we went out really late to get something to eat. Next day we left mid-morning and went back to Alicante.
Contrary to what the host explains, we paid 40 euro for the night, I remember having put myself the empty coke and beer cans, as well as empty treat bags in a litter bag in the kitchen. Leaving the keys on the living room table and leaving bathtowels which the host only brought Sunday morning, folded over the double bed. In the nighttable there was a half smoked cigarette which we left untouched, and we left everything else as we found it. As all we used was the couch and bathroom. I dont know what the host means by saying not having cleaned. The shower was not clean at all, I must point out.
Furthermore, after we left Valencia, I SMSed the host several times, from both my German and Spanish phone numbers, to send the airbnb code, as he wasnt there when we left, and asked repeteadly to confirm if he got it. I never got any reply from him, I even asked the customer service to check with him if he had received it.
Next day I received an email from the customer service apologizing for not having been able to help and giving me a 300 euro voucher.
“Esta persona no es recomendable!! Me gustaría contaros la historia sobre esta persona y su comportamiento A todo esto es una reserva de 3 personas y un perrito por 34 euros. Para empezar llegaron 45 minutos más tarde,eso me hizo no poder atenderles y no poder entregar las llaves, yo les alquiló un habitación doble y una cama individual que tengo en el salón perfectamente acondicionada para dormir, incluso tengo un paraban de madera para cerrar el acceso. Esta chica al no gustarle el lugar, y no parar de poner pegas, Incluso llega a contactar con el grupo para decirles que tenía que dormir en un sofá improvisado, que buscar un sitio donde dormir dignamente. Finalmente se quedaron aquí a dormir y al día siguiente se fueron sin limpiar y sin tirar todas las latas de cerveza que se bebieron por la noche. Voy a subir fotos del supuesto sofá improvisado donde no se podía dormir dignamente . Posdata: no acoger a este tipo de personas, todo son pegas exigencias y quebraderos de cabeza. Somos apartamentos compartidos no suites de hotel

The host totally misrepresented the accommodation in the listing, had no idea about what airbnb was about as it seemed normal to him to explain that he didnt have time to check internet, even if he used an INSTANT BOOKING BUTTON. He was not friendly at all, with nasty comments, such as: did you expect that i sleep here tonight, my *ss, i wont, I am going to sleep somewhere else. I felt extremely sorry about his doggy who literally lived in the kitchen balcony deprived of all human contact and caring, except the daily two short walks for poos and pees and being fed.

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