Damage Deposit and Support Ambassadors

Support ambassadors are a joke. The only people they “support” is Airbnb, by inventing creative excuses for avoiding paying out money to aggrieved customers.

We had guests from hell. Four couples arrived when our villa was booked for two. They hosted a pool party for 20 and checked out on time but remained by the pool and then moved back in after our cleaner had finished cleaning. They damaged the furniture and forced her to return the following day to clean again.

After constant communication with Airbnb to elicit their support, none was forthcoming. They gave no compensation whatsoever for the extra nights, extra cleaning, extra guests, and damage to the property. The ambassadors are trained to feign concern but do absolutely nothing to help. How did they become such a global powerhouse? It’s quite unbelievable.

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  1. I totally understand what you are talking about. I had a similar experience. At first, AirBNB said I didn’t report in time before my next guest checked in. I showed them the property of my photo (evidence) and the support message I sent 16 minutes after the guests checked out. Then the ambassador denied my request again, this time without any reason, and closed the case. It seems like AirBNB tried its best to prevent hosts from claiming damage, and used all excuse to deny requests. I met all the requirement to be payed for the damage that the guests left, but I was denied without a reason. It is unacceptable.

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