Changing the Number of Guests for Airbnb in Okinawa

I made a reservation from January this year for my family trip to Okinawa, Japan in October. Upon making the first reservation, I only paid around 43,000 yen for five of us. However, my oldest daughter couldn’t join us so I needed to change the numbers from five to four so as to save money. I had to pay about 18,000 yen for this change. I have tried to solve this stupid problem with the host and the host agreed with my complaint that I didn’t have to pay. He also said he didn’t understand why should I pay more and did not know how to make the change. He advised me to contact Airbnb directly. However, Airbnb insisted that the host had to agree to give me a refund. Is it normal to pay more to decrease the number of guests? What a horrible policy! I wouldn’t use Airbnb again.

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  1. I could not find the option to fill in the price. If the rate changed, did they deal in double?
    Anyway, the airbnb is not good for the guest. The airbnb insist that host should agree all of it, Even though the host did agree via messenger on the airbnb’s apps.
    I asked again to the airbnb, the aggreement for canclellation you said is the click by host or not. Only airbnb can do that under the host’s aggreement they said.

    Most of all, I’m worried about the hidden camera and the sexual violence in japan trip. Some of guests just finded the hidden cam out and reported the host for the rape case.

  2. Your host probably changed the daily rate after you made your reservation. Now that you are changing your reservation, the Airbnb system is updating to the new daily rate. When you put in your request to change the number of guests do you have the option to fill in the price (hosts have this option when they request changes to reservations)?

  3. I had it happen to me with a Ibis hotel once when shortening the length of the stay from 5 nights to 3 changed the daily rate. I had originally booked under an early booking rate and when I wanted to cancel the at 2 days, it changed the daily rate to a last minute rate which made the overall booking almost cost the same even thought it was less days, which seemed ridiculous to me, maybe its something like that in your case? did it change the reservation in some way so it was like creating a new one at a higher price?

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