1. Hi.. I have been banned since March. Have zero clue why. I had proactively reported myself exposed to Covid and was concerned for my guests health as they were renting my spare room. After they were relocated somewhere else, Airbnb suspended me from site and then banned me when I ‘debated’ the need of a bio Hazard team to come to my flat and clean it. ( Did not like the idea of all these heavy chemicals coming into my home and potentially effecting my health). Now only generic messages from Arbitration. Would love to talk with others who have been banned as together am sure we can have greater ‘leverage’ over influencing this dictatorial way Airbnb works. And destroys incomes of hosts at a press of a button.

  2. I had the same happening to me last week!
    I’ve been hosting since 2012, Host of the Year 2015 at AO in Paris, Superhost with more than 2000 reviews, 86% 5*
    10 days ago I received a call from Airbnb, “S….” told me there was a report made by “a guest” about “a health & Safety issue”. She could not reveal guest or issue and I didn’t have a clue.
    2 days later I received an email confirming an investigation has started, asking for my cooperartion and patience.
    When again 2 day later I couldn’t login anymore and when I opened my email I saw over 100 cancellations and a mail with the standard: “The decision to remove you from the Airbnb community was made after gathering and carefully reviewing all related documentation and communication from the parties involved. We consider this decision final.”
    My world collapsed, after over 7 years living Airbnb banned with no reason given, no income, hundreds of my guest duped, can’t reach my financial data anymore.

    • Sounds just like my experience! It’s so horrible.
      I think my guest was a scammer and just wanted a free stay or a little $$.
      I’m going to try and fight my case (though they basically cut you off with no legs to stand on).
      Perhaps it’s worth working together to try and overcome this?

    • It’s so horrible!
      I get the sense in a lot of these cases the host has no power and if you have a bad guest, they can easily file a claim.
      After talking to my friend I’ve reached the conclusion that my guests was a scammer/hustler and just wanted some free $$.
      I’m going to try and fight my case, perhaps we can work together?

    • They never told us, we are both been hosts for a long time and he was so upset to think something had happened.

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