Ripped Off After Host Lied About Location

I am disappointed with Airbnb. I made a reservation for September 9-12 on the basis the apartment was in lively location above a trendy bar. I found out this was not the case, and cancelled having discussed with my host who agreed to a 50% refund immediately and 50% when she re-let the property.

I searched in past few weeks and again today for the property and it does not appear coming up as being available for rent on those dates, which leads me to assume it is no longer available. Having read the latest review of the property, it was shut down recently by the fire officer due to dangerous gas smells. If this is the case, I presume it’s not available (quite rightly) but why should the host get to retain my deposit?

Airbnb had no reply for me. This is grossly unfair and borders on fraudulent. I’ve tried to call and speak to the help line but am getting nowhere.

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  1. Was the description incorrect? In the UK there is the Consumer Rights act which states if goods/services not as described you are entitled to you money back …. check this out in your own country. Next…. the UK has a complaints system entitled Advertising Standards Association…. now I’m a neighbour suffering airbnb…. the so-called ‘superhost’ was advertising a desirable area 40 miles away from the property as if the property was located within it, to increase bookings … the ASA forced the so-called ‘superhost’ to amend the advertisement. So… check your own country … if they don’t refund in full, at least you can help others don’t get conned. By the way, Airbnb was informed of this superhost and did sweet f.a.

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