1. Hallo zusammen, auch ich wurde von AIRBNB sabotiert ohne Angabe von Gründen. 5 bestehende Buchungen wurden ersatzlos storniert, wovon ich aber noch 4 Buchungen retten konnte. Außerdem wurde ich zum 2.ten Mal SUPERHOST und hatte 92% 5 Sterne Bewertungen. Leider ist damit wohl Schluss? Hier die Standartantwort von AIRBNB:

    Aktualisiert von: Ana, 19. Juli, 10:11:

    Hallo Mike,

    Danke, dass Sie sich bei uns melden.

    We regret to inform you that we’ll be unable to support your account moving forward, and have exercised our discretion under our Terms of Service to disable your account(s). This decision is irreversible and will affect any duplicated or future accounts.

    Please understand that we are not obligated to provide an explanation for the action taken against your account. Furthermore, we are not liable to you in any way with respect to disabling or canceling your account. Airbnb reserves the right to make the final determination with respect to such matters, and this decision will not be reversed.

    We’ll contact you if anything changes in the future, but until then, we won’t be able to assist you any further with your account issues. Please see our Help Center for further information: https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/432.



    Hallo Mike,

    Danke, Dass Sie Sich bei uns melden.

    Wir bedauern, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir nicht in der Lage, um Ihr Konto zu unterstützen voran zu sein, und haben nach unserer Wahl unter unseren Nutzungsbedingungen auf Ihr Konto (en) deaktivieren ausgeübt. Diese Entscheidung ist irreversibel und wird keine doppelte oder zukünftige Konten beeinflussen.

    Bitte haben Sie Verständnis, dass wir nicht verpflichtet sind, eine Erklärung für die Wirkung gegen Ihre Rechnung getragen werden. Darüber hinaus sind wir nicht verpflichtet, Sie in irgendeiner Weise in Bezug auf das Deaktivieren und Löschen von Ihrem Konto. Airbnb behält sich vor, die endgültige Entscheidung in Bezug auf solche Dinge zu machen, und diese Entscheidung nicht rückgängig gemacht werden.

    Wir helfen Ihnen weiter, wenn etwas verändert in der Zukunft, aber bis dahin werden wir nicht in der Lage, Ihnen eine weitere mit Ihrem Konto Fragen behilflich. Bitte lesen Sie unsere Hilfe für weitere Informationen: https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/432.



  2. I would never recommend this company to anyone unless you want stress and disappointment. They were to give us $400 us compensation but gave us AUS$ instead.now will not reply to emails and I won’t stop bagging them until they do the right thing. Arrogant!!

  3. Hi Victim of airbnb,

    just want to explain to you why your booking has been cancelled in the middle of your journey. Your booking came across the mental `security
    system` as a potential chargeback. This means, the system was `freaking
    out` due to the fact that you potentially could pull out in the last minute
    of your reservation and `recall` your money back to your creditcard without
    paying anything to airbnb and the host. This security system is erratic and `freaks out without reason. Than a trust&safety Member will make his final decision to terminate your booking,in your case Oscar, who is a member of this team. I`m a former Employee of this Department and after a while `working` in trust&safety I was completely pissed off how airbnb deals with their Customers. My advise, never use airbnb again and please spread the word!

    • Hello Nadine,
      Thanks for your postings. I had a great guest who unintentionally caused damage to our floors and she agreed to get the floors restored. The deposit was more than enough to cover the expenses and I asked Airbnb to refund half the deposit and hold the rest until the repair was completed and the exact costs were covered. The next day my account was closed and I was informed to scan a government issued ID which would be downloaded on a third party server. I had been verified previously with email, phone and bank accounts and had over 100 guest stays at 100% rating on reveiws. While I appreciate that guests need to know who their hosts and hosts need to know the guests, given the security problems at Target and Ebay, I would be a fool to give out my ID for them to download.
      Also it seems capricious, too intrusive and amounts to mere data mining.
      So I cant access my account, I can’t get the remainder of the deposit and no one will tell me why this occurred now. As all communications have ceased.

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