Banned for life

My boyfriend and I were both banned by Airbnb. I’ve been a traveler with them years and have many positive reviews. I tried listing my guest house and they asked me to scan my drivers license. They used a consumer reporting agency and found an arrest from 7 years ago when I was a teenager, it was not even a conviction. I was found not guilty and charges were dropped. But because of this they denied me from using their website anymore, and when my boyfriend (clean record) tried to list our space they deleted it and banned him and said they did not have to disclose why they banned him. We already had 3 paid reservations that they canceled days before the first guest was to arrive. They wouldn’t return our emails, and who ever answered the phone was just trying to get me off the phone “I don’t handle these issues, they’ll email you”. This whole experience was just ridiculous and embarrassing. I’ve never been treated so horribly by a company.