Bad Airbnb Guest Invites all her Friends to Stay

I had a guest who stayed at my place for two months. In summary, she violated Airbnb policy many times by bringing many guests, including her boyfriend and more male friends. I clearly told her to stop (except once for her boyfriend) when she asked whether it was possible, but this girl keep pulling it off night after night bringing in different guys. I didn’t want to make it embarrassing so avoided confronting her as I had other guests. One day when I went overseas, I reminded her not to bring unregistered guests as she was alone in the house. To deter this girl from bringing guests I placed an IP camera in a visible location at my main gate a few days before I left. This girl has a very thick skin; she brought another guy home again. When I texted her from overseas to remind her, she argued that it was her right to bring guests because Airbnb didn’t mention anything about additional guests and blamed me for it. Then she made all sorts of crazy threats regarding reporting me to the authorities and a ton of other BS. I tolerated her and tried to behave as professionally as possible.

A few days later she proceeded to cancel her booking without my knowledge and blamed Airbnb for the cancellation, explaining that they had made a mistake. She stayed on the property. I checked with Airbnb but they took two weeks to respond and concluded that this girl had actually cancelled her booking. Airbnb refunded her money and refused to honour my cancellation policy, blaming me for surveillance of the entrance of my rather large property. I leased a room, not my house. This girl basically stayed for free for half a month and left the room in a filthy condition after using it as a motel and without notice or penalty. Further calls and complaints to Airbnb were ignored. The Airbnb Service Fee was fully deducted for two months obviously. There were no deposits, no documentation, and one non-paying guest. Who believes in Airbnb standards now? I am really tempted to expose the guest and the evidence which I have submitted to Airbnb’s resolution center. I think the problem here is not with the guests who don’t follow rules, but Airbnb’s insane policies and self-interested actions that have destroyed the experiences of many hosts and guests. I would strongly recommend others find an alternative to Airbnb or build a platform that can replace this selfish monster.

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  1. Sal,
    You’re taking the whole story out of context and going from the guest bringing home a guy different than her boyfriend (to whom the host seemed OK with btw) to shooting porn with 20 guys – which was not the case.
    So yeah, you bible thumping “decent” people seem to forget that young people like to have sex.
    I did it, my wife did it, all my friends in college did it and in my 3rd year in college I did had sex with 32 different girls in 30 days. I was going for 30/30 but a cpl nights at the clubs I picked up and got home with 2 girls.. Got lucky, never got an STD although I did woke up without my watch and wallet from my drunken stupor a few times in my college days..
    Those days are long behind me but you can’t seriously expect a young man/woman to be celibate for 2 months, get a grip on reality.
    Not everybody is monogamous and promiscuity is NOT a crime. Not in the civilized world anyway but you might be from Saudi Arabia where rape victims get punished. No idea if the guest in this instance cheated on her man or if they were in an open relationship but that’s none if the host’s business anyway. Or mine or yours. We are NOT the MORALITY police.
    Unless the rules were specified, she treated the rental unit as her home away from home.
    I have a cousin that’s a nun. Whenever I need peace and quiet I’d go and stay at the nunnery for several days, take in the nature, go fishing or chopping firewood etc without partying, drinking or having sex. Because those are the rules.
    And there’s spring break for young people…Mexico or Las Vegas for middle aged adults… where people go to unwind and let their hair down. ..

  2. I think ‘David Aaron’ may be like those people that work for scientology and go about the internet posting hate messages to anyone who says something bad about it.
    And I think the people who replied here should consider two things. First, how would you feel if anybody in your house was using it as a place to have sex? I know I wouldn’t like it. It makes no difference what the law is or who is paying who for what. It’s a horrid thing to do to anyone. Second, and in particular to the person who posted “It was her home. She was sexually active and obviously not monogamous.” How far would you take this? What if the ‘guest’ wanted to film pornographic movies with twenty people in them? Would that be ok? What if they were a nudist and wanted to walk around the house and up and down the street buck naked? I honestly think people today have lost any sense of decency towards others. Of course the original poster should object to such behavior. Any decent person would. But then there are hardly any decent people left now are there? If you think I’m wrong post your address here and invite the ‘guest’ described above into your home. I bet you’re now thinking that maybe the original poster had a point. If not, then you’re probably ‘David Aaron’.

  3. Jan you’re wrong.
    If you don’t specity in the listing that overnight guests are NOT allowed and have a specific time after which certain things are not allowed (no laundry after 10 PM, no guests after 10:30 PM, no overnight guests) then I have no idea why you feel entitled to hover over someone’s sexual life.
    She leased a place for 2 months.
    It was her home. She was sexually active and obviously not monogamous.
    Just because you won other lawsuits or tenancy disputes in Florida it doesn’t mean the whole world is bakwards. Anywhere in the world George Zimmerman would’ve gotten a life penalty but in hillbilly land you decided that is OK to murder unarmed teenagers.

  4. Jan you are delusional. Exactly when have you been actively helping anyone here other than venting your spleen at Airbnb? If you look at my posts I do assist when I can but I am also happy to weigh in and debunk people like you who simply have an axe to grind and have taken to exaggeration, hyperboly and fiction.

  5. Fully agree with Jan here, im sure when Jan’s Guest booked it they booked for 1 person, (as when booking on airbnb it does ask how many guest) therefore is that guest then shows up with 3-4 people the host has the right to refuse the extra guests.

    Now Simon- You seem to have it in for AirBnb and do not believe in it, hence why you are in attacking Jan and blaming her by saying you opened up your doors, therefore saying its your fault for using Airbnb, YES even Hotel wont let you take 5 people in a room designed for 3 people, Most guests are great holiday makers and cause no trouble at all and know there limits, But i’m guessing your one of those few people who think because i paid for it i can do what i want, NO you booked for 1 Person so one person is to stay Its Common Sense,

    Jan’s end game to expose is , if someone one this site read about her guest and if that person attempt to book with that perosn they will refuse her

    As for Airbnb i am really surprised by this in the UK, they seem to play very fair , over 300 bookings, I’ve only had to kick out 1 guest as i felt uncomfortable with them, as during booking he said he need a place to stay with his Girlfriend for 3 nights as his flight was delayed, then shows up with 3 guys and enough bags (suitcases, bin bags full of cloths, ) making me think did these guys get kicked out there flat and needed a few days to crash till they found something. SO i turned them away as they gave false information to obtain a booking, Airbnb still paid out.

    CCTV on large premise is common, on the outside of buildings, you cant walk anywhere in London with out being on CCTV, Even cars parked on the road have CCTV

  6. Hi Steve – As the owner of a Property Mgmt Company for over 20 yrs in my own home state – I once again respectfully disagree. We have had many evictions stand for our homeowners on these VERY grounds. It is virtually impossible to cover EVERY aspect of a violation in a rental property in writing that a renter/tenant can think up – that is exactly why the courts MUST intervene time and time again.

    Now for us, OUR homeowners are mostly protected as we have heard/seen what we believe to be pretty much everything throughout our industry, however with that being said – we do occasionally take on new homeowners that do not understand the entire rental process. They had not addressed the ‘occupancy’ issue believing blindly that once said tenant/renter had moved into the home, paid the rent -there was never going to be any issue of a renter/tenant having any type of entitlement of having any and all guests staying – short or long termed- at the renters own discretion.

    Certainly it is VERY grey area WHEN a landlord should restrict any tenant/renter from having daytime guests into the home they are renting, particularly in regards to long term renters. However this guest rented a ROOM – they did not rent a home. This does not in fact give this individual any rights to bring forth additional person(s) to occupy the rented property without the CONSENT of the homeowner. And if the homeowner has already put the tenant/renter on notice that this is not acceptable to said homeowner – it then becomes a violation. Therefore I believe from my experience in the court system that the courts would in fact favor the homeowner in this instance, particularly AFTER said homeowner had forbidden numerous times the action. I have been personally involved with the evictions and removals of these ‘violating’ renters/tenants more times throughout the years than I care to remember – including instances in which nowhere on the homeowners lease was there any mention of occupancy limits. The eviction grounds stood merely on the fact that the stated renter/tenant were not the only ones occupying the property as was originally agreed upon.

    I would furthermore advise the OP – IF the denial is being based solely on the fact that if there are security cameras in place in public areas they check with their own state and county as to the laws of surveillance. I think they might find they are perfectly within their legal rights to have such.

  7. David – while your may continue to humor yourself here – it would be nice if you would remember that the stories being posted here by both Guests & Hosts are VERY real to the individuals that have been personally damaged by them – and to them and many of the rest of the readers – you are NOT funny.

    Stories are shared here – and comments are permitted so that individuals can see help, advice and perhaps another -sometimes – more logical side of things. You (and a few other that shall remain nameless) perusing around the site insinuating that everyone is an idiot and insulting them when you personally DISAGREE is doing nothing more than showing your own lack of intelligence. If you would like to bring your perfect self – outside your perfect world and actually contribute some REAL thoughts to the conversations with thoughtful compassion & intent to try to understand – without being a bully, or an ass – then perhaps people might actually start listening to your thoughts.

  8. You can disagree all you want Jan but it won’t change the fact you’re completely wrong.

    The property is operating as a hotel and didn’t even take basic steps to protect herself. Get a grip. Now law in the world would protect this property owner

    Trust me, I fully believe Airbnb is a scourge on the world but that doesn’t change the fact this property has no leg to stand on

  9. Steve- I have to totally disagree with your comments.
    The GUEST rented the home. Not Guest’S’ – and even in hotels, motels, etc there ARE extra charges for EXTRA guests.

    As for NOT stating you can’t bring in different GUESTS to occupy your property in your profile. This is ludicrous that because it is NOT stated in the ‘description’ that it is not a valid argument. That is like saying that because I didn’t STATE that people are NOT to bring alligators into the bathtub of my S Florida vacation home – they are perfectly entitled to.

    The mentality of a Host has been ‘paid’ for opening up his property – and now must endure ‘whatever will be’ has GOT TO STOP! Even ‘commercial’ properties (hotels/motels/etc) have RULES and certain expectations that must be met. And if they are not – there are repercussions. It seems the Airbnb mentality of both GUESTS and others is that of “I PAID for this – ALL of it – so too bad, so sad”. And BECAUSE of that – is exactly WHY Airbnb HELL exists.

    As for exposing the Guest – the original OP needs to decide if this is what his course of action should be so that he/she can sleep better at night. That is not the decision of you or me or anyone else. The REAL problem here is that AIRBNB filters their reviews (from both sides) – IF ALL reviews from both parties were allowed (as Airbnb LIKES you to believe) – it is then up to the individual READER to interpret what they will from the whole situation and make more informed and educated decisions of both the Host & Guest.

  10. Of course she used your house like a motel. That’s exactly what you are when you open your doors and take money. How can hosts not understand that?

    And did your profile say that guests weren’t allowed? If not then she was entirely within her rights to bring people over.

    You threaten to expose the guest? To what end? What’s your goal here? To shame somebody you played hotel for? Get a grip on reality

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