1. I would say no loss to be blacklisted. You are saving yourself allot of grief dealing with the touch, feely, community of Airbnb deadbeats. Airbnb does not collect and hold a security deposit, so you take a huge risk the next guest you get does not trash your place. If you try to make a claim get prepared for banging your head on a wall trying to get Airbnb to cover the damages.

  2. I believe that companies such as Airbnb and their policy to blacklisting hosts without warning set a dangerous precedent in today’s modern internet age and could create extreme unease in the Airbnb hosting community. I was completely taken back by the number of articles on the web describing numerous stories of Airbnb blacklisting hosts without explanation. Many if not most of the hosts describing their situation appeared to be completely unaware of their error.

    Any responsible company should provide an explicit explanation as to why they are banning a customer. In the event that the reason is not egregious in nature, a warning or probation period should be given so the host has the ability to correct their error and the policy for banning hosts should be clearly stated in their Terms and Conditions. This is only reasonable and ethical in any modern democratic society.

    Although Airbnb has a dominant position in the VR and home sharing market, they should not take this position for granted, especially when hosts start to worry about whether Airbnb will blindside them with a ban. I would definitely like to see Airbnb take a more responsible approach to blacklisting hosts so hosts have the ability to either correct their error or take necessary preparations for their listing to be removed. This is especially important because many hosts have built successful VR businesses directly off the Airbnb platform. This is a symbiotic relationship and one that should reflect mutual trust and respect. Airbnb needs to understand that for those mentioned above, banning hosts without warning can result in financially and emotional devastation with the destruction of an entire business and when no explicit explanation is provided for the ban.

  3. ” [I] politely suggested she might be a brainwashed victim of mass media propaganda, crony capitalism after all profits through greed and fear.” <— How does one suggest this assertion in a polite way? Also, have you considered that your position as a host is not to lambaste potential guests with your political ideology?

    As a host, I was intrigued to read your posts, but I think YOU need to change your attitude if you want to fit in with the "sharing" economy. This is a political correctness issue or a guest issue. Airbnb is a lodging site which means you need to keep your conversations to lodging questions and answers. Stay on topic – plain and simple…and save your political rants for the numerous political websites out there!

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