Airbnb charges owners who cancel a reservation $100 for each cancellation even when it is airbnb’s fault. We have four rental units and advertise on several sites. Airbnb is supposed to sync each calendar. We have accepted reservations and then checked our master calendar and the unit is booked. When we tried to resolve the issue we were charged each time when it was clearly the fault of airbnb. DO NOT USE INSTANT BOOKING or accept a reservation without checking your own calendar. DO NOT RELY ON THE AIRBNB CALENDAR. DO NOT US AIRBNB. Not only are they making 10-15% from the renters they are making a killing ripping owners off!!! We are very happy with VRBO and only fill in our calendar with airbnb. Also, airbnb clientele are not as good as VRBO clientele. They are price shoppers and budget travelers. We have found that the people that pay more are more respectful of your property.

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  1. You don’t understand. The airbnb calendars were incorrect and not syncing with other calendars. We assumed they were. The dates were not open and the airbnb calendars should have been blocked. This happened MANY times. Airbnb’s response was cancel your bookings with vrbo and keep our reservation. So, now they make $50, or $100 per pop and put them in another property or force you into a cancellation with vrbo and now they make their 15% and get to screw vrbo at the same time.

  2. Now now. That $100 isn’t $50 because you cancelled guest reservations within shorter period of time prior to check-in. That will cost you the extra amount for sure.

  3. I thought Airbnb gave you 3 cancellation when you are an instant book with the UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THE GUEST reason?

    Maybe as a work around, change the reservation to 1 day for 1 dollar, that could break the stalemate, and agree not to review each other.

    • Dude Fawkes is correct, also you can turn it off at anytime as well.

      “they are making a killing ripping owners off!!!” – my host service fee is 3%, that seems pretty damn reasonable to me. I mean I get you are upset but maybe JUST maybe you share some of the blame? That sounds like a lot of rentals maybe you need some help managing it.

      • Yeah, duh you can turn it off. Are you sure you aren’t a troll working at the help desk at airbnb, Silv?

        I guess it went right over your head. I wasn’t talking about the service fee was I? I was talking about them running a scam on the calendar sync.

        It sounds like you are happy renting out your cat hair filled spare bedroom or mildewy basement apartment on airbnb. Why are you on here making needless comments?

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