Scammed by bastards… Airbnb does nothing.


I’ve just tried to book an apartment in London for 4 days. The Airbnb advertisement clearly said “contact me by email.. since Airbnb is too slow”. Of course.. the app didn’t work and I’ve tried to contact them.  Then after I emailed them… everything goes all smooth as expected.  Scammer asked me some fake details… then pushed me for transfer money urgently .. and that’s the story. When I tried to see my apartment after sending the money, the advertisement and user disappeared.  Bank was contacted.. no help there.  Police also.. no help there. Airbnb.. of course.. “let’s see… we’ll report it…”.. but I guess that was the extent of their response. No word back from Airbnb.. NEVER EVER.


1) Don’t use email ever on this kind of things.

2) Don’t rely on someone that is pushing you “It’s urgent.. etc”

3) Don’t wire your money directly to them.. (yes .. I know I was stupid.. ).

Never Airbnb again…

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  1. Dude that was clearly NOT Airbnb – you can never normally exchange personal e-mails with anyone via Airbnb’s normal website until the people pay the bill using the Airbnb platform. The app didn’t work – DUH – because it was not even Airbnb at all !!! It’s written in so many places on Airbnb to NEVER do wire transfers and to never contact people off of the Airbnb platform for THAT EXACT REASON – it’s your fault for not listening to that simple advice !!! Airbnb can’t control the world and every hacker or scammer out there – you have to use your brain sometimes too.

  2. Hi, I am checking out this site trying to verify a listing in NYC. Glad I saw your post as that’s the very same picture! Again they requested I connect them with a personal email stating they are unable to update the calendar. Air bnb has already removed the listing. Luckily no money was exchanged!

  3. That’s really unfortunate but you are not alone. My ad on airbnb has also been hacked with someone adding an email address and offering -20%. As I don’t see the ad, I had no idea until a future tenant asked for the proposed discount. Airbnb’s defence regarding the hacker, was that I had not checked that it was a secure site before entering the site. I would keep pushing airbnb to do something about it.

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