Airbnb’s Insurance Policy Doesn’t Protect Guests

In February, our Airbnb rental in Mexico was burglarized. The police came and a report was filed. All told, between two couples, we lost over $4500 of our possessions. The owner was very helpful; he filed a claim with his insurance company, which was denied about two weeks later because we were renters. Our personal homeowner’s policies covered all of our losses except our $500 deductibles for each couple, which might mean that the cost of our policies could go up.

I contacted Airbnb Customer Service over 12 days ago, to collect the two $500 deductibles from them. I was told to send all corresponding information to them, which I did. It has now been almost two weeks since Airbnb’s last contact with me. I have attempted to have other emails answered by their employees to no avail. I am now very angry at the rudeness of Airbnb. In the last two days, I have called the 855-424-7262 number four times. I was on hold for over 15 minutes each time with music playing, then when the music stopped (all four times), and I thought, yeah, someone is going to talk to me, I was disconnected. All four times.

I am mad and will not give up trying to reach Airbnb. They cover insurance for their homeowners; there should be insurance coverage for their renters as well. We are half of their business. My first communication with one of their representatives went very well. I thought this was a good company. However, in the ensuing two weeks, with no followups and reading about problems many other people have had trying to contact them, trying to reach someone by phone only to be disconnected four times after 15 minutes on hold, I am now convinced that Airbnb does not care. The CEOs have made their millions (billions) and they just don’t care anymore. I will be renting from HomeAway and VRBO in the future. Step up to the plate Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia. Someone at Airbnb should be reading the complaints and frustrations of your homeowners and renters on this website.

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  1. Hey Sal. Can you prove these accusations? Blacklist? really? Make money off the call? How in hell do they do that?

  2. First of all, you are not half of their business. You are maybe 0.000001 percent. They don’t care if you get upset and never use them again. They care if the ‘host’ cancels the listing because then they won’t get the 10 percent of future bookings. You, they couldn’t care less about. Second, almost all major companies blacklist phone numbers of ‘problem’ ‘customers’. Then they set their system o keep you on hold and then hang up so that (a) they make money off your call and (b) you’ll get so frustrated and eventually give up. You’ll never get through that brick wall. Try (if you are able) to use a different phone to call. I bet you’ll get straight through. Of course, then that number will be blacklisted too. The one and only recourse you have against airbnb is to take them to court. And you know how that’ll turn out don’t you? Welcome to the human race. I’m amazed that people all over the world will read things on a web page and take them as red. Almost all people will lie to you almost all the time. Billion dollar corporations will do the same. Never leave any valuables anywhere, ever, unless that place has your own insurance on it (ie. never leave them anywhere except your own house). What’s to say the ‘host’ didn’t take your stuff? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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