Airbnb’s Failure at Preventing Fraud Ruined Birthday

I bought Jay Z tickets for Arizona for my birthday weekend. I bought concert tickets, as well as ones for the Grand Canyon, food, etc. All that was left to pay for was my room and board and airline tickets. I found a nice place on Airbnb, and then booked it. I then called the host to ask a question about the stay. The host gasped in horror, saying that he did not have that property, and went to the lengths of sending me the actual cancellation request.

I immediately contacted Airbnb. I asked for a manger but had to settle for some idiot. He told me that he would give me a credit to use, so that my card wont be charged again, along with 10% off. He said that I would receive it that day. I received it the next morning, along with several charges of $186.00 x 4. $744.00 out of my account, all from Airbnb.

I called in horror; I couldn’t buy plane tickets, pay rent or use that cash, as it was charged by mistake by this fraud company. I called hysterically crying for them to apologize. I demanded a manager all to have a dumb ass call me back, apologizing yet again. He then asked what would make everything better. Can you believe I had to suggest to Airbnb how to appease their mistake? I said they should pay for my stay. He said he would send me a credit for the stay.

That same night I went home to use this credit, only to be told I could not use it for bookings, just like restaurants, etc. Guess what? By then the airline tickets had almost doubled, and I could not afford the trip. I still haven’t received the refund yet, and this Monday is Columbus Day, which means banks are closed. I am out of money and time; I cannot make the trip or pay my rent.

My bank had to issue a new bank card (time and money they cannot replace). I had to cancel my trip; as you know, prices for flights are less the further in advance you book… Airbnb cost me a whole week. I asked for a manager, but they only have dumb asses who lie about their names. The manager I dealt with should be fired. I am doing to do my best to find illegal Airbnb listings in New York and contact their landlords to help get my money back.

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  1. I don’t know why people are being so nasty? You’ve got a legitimate grievance which you have every right to be upset about when airbnb has absolutely bungled this situation.
    I hope they resolve this quickly and effectively for you.

  2. Please file a complaint with BBB and any regulatory agency you can in re ga to this. This is the game AIRBNB plays with people. They will continue to do so until they are exposed. Also contact a national television network and ask that they do a,segment. Sorry for your bad experience. I know you are telling the truth for I’ve had a similar experience with them and their Case Managers. Angela, you are the rude one

  3. You sound like a spoiled, entitled dirt bag. I’m glad you got a dose of karma. By the sound of how you assuredly treated the Airbnb people I hope you get banned from the site too.

  4. Similar story here. I called for three months and only got form letters and incompetents answering the phone. They refuse to return my $4000 despite photos documenting mold, bugs, dangerous disrepair, and filthy furniture. Any suggestions what I can do? We’re calling a lawyer on Monday. Mikes Lakehouse in Barnstable, MA

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